Character Study: Teen Titans

To me, the latest issue of Teen Titans feels like little actually happened to progress the story, but that it was mainly building up the characters in it.  So instead of an issue 3 review, I figured I’d do a slight character study instead.  Be warned, though I’ll try to avoid it this time, there could still be spoilers in here.

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Review: Teen Titans #2

So the first issue wasn’t bad, but still nothing great.  Granted, my opinion may be a bit bias as I’m upset still volume 3 history is erased for the Titans and maybe even ALL Teen Titan history, depending if all of DC can get on the same page for this relaunch.  Which, by the way, Lobdell apparently thinks there is previous Teen Titans history at least.


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Review: Anita Blake #12


Yes I’m a guy and I’m reading Anita Blake. Get over it. I’ve actually enjoyed this series a lot. I had never read the books before because I’m illiterate, but I remember I saw the first issue and Brett Booth’s art looked great. I like Ron LIm a lot too because of his work on Thanos, like in Infinity Gauntlet. So this comic looks good at least.

I enjoy the story too. I’ve never watched Buffy or read the comics, but I’d guess if you like that you’d probably at least enjoy this a bit. So this is the big conclusion. Lots of action, lots of gore, lots of fun! The story wraps up too. I would have probably preferred something on a deeper level than what we got. But the ending works fine. To me this series is just a lot of laughs and some good times. It’s got some serious stuff too. And it’s always cool to see girls kicking ass! I like the Anita Blake universe.

I was also happy that on the last page we see a preview for a new Anita Blake series starting in October. Unless a zombie bites my head off, I’ll most likely be picking up the next series as well.

3 out of 4 stars