Review: Batwing #1

Note: This is the preliminary cover, not the final one.

Batwing is brought to us by legendary writer Judd Winick and artist Ben Oliver. And by “legendary,” I really mean “extremely hit-or-miss.” Winick is one of those guys that comes along and writes a very thought provoking story – the resurrection of Jason Todd and his new mission to cause as much grief as he possibly can to his old mentor – and then rides the waves of that story’s success for most of his career. I can’t really say that Red Hood: The Lost Days was particular awe inspiring, nor was his take on Grant Morrison’s take of the Red Hood in Batman and Robin #23-25 (he somehow managed to avoid everything that Morrison did to reinvent the Red Hood as a villain and brought him back to being a guy who trolls Batman). When asked about his Catwoman series for the New 52, he said “sexy” so many times I forgot what the story was about to begin with. So, Batwing did not look to be very inspiring.

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