Foilball’s Review Roundup #19

Rating System: Bad Movies Ben Affleck Did For the Paycheck!*

5 Stars: WARNING: Surviving Christmas
4 Stars: Pearl Harbor
3 Stars: Reindeer Games
2 Stars: Armageddon
1 Star: Paycheck

Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula (****)

I think the only thing I didn’t like about this comic was that it wasn’t published in the monthly, but I do understand why and I can see the strength in doing a One-Shot like this. In fact, I wish Marvel’s One-Shots were more like this one. Quality art and quality writing combine to tell a story that could potentially matter to current continuity. As far as the actual story goes, it was nice of Brubaker and Co. to finally explain how a cheesy 90’s super villain turned into a tattooed prison cliché. There are still a few holes in the Black Tarantula’s character history, but no longer anything you could drive a truck through.

Green Lantern #30 (****)

I continue to disagree with Desiato’s take on this arc. I love it. And! I don’t think decompression applies here either. Shit, Johns puts Hal in the Green Lantern uniform midway through part 2! If Bendis was writing this origin story, it would be six parts and he wouldn’t have him show up in the Spider-Man Green Lantern uniform till the end of issue 5! Yeah, I said it! BOOM! Anyways… I don’t actually disagree with everything Desiato has said. Maybe this story would have worked better as the first arc of the series instead of shoehorning it in between stories that introduce the rest of the “Color Wheel Corps”. Maybe then the book wouldn’t have been so boring that first year. Honestly, for the first time in my life, I’m kind of digging this Hal Jordan character and it’s this arc, not the Sinestro Corps War, that did it. I definitely like him more than the current interpretations of Kyle Rayner or John Stewart, but not better than Guy Gardner. Tomasi is nailing that character over in Green Lantern Corps.

Thor #8 (*****)

More than any other comic this year or maybe even this decade, this comic touched me. I can’t go into more detail than that without digressing into my personal life but… it was just a truly novel idea executed in a well put together story. If JMS wrote Spider-Man like this, he’d probably still be writing Spider-Man.

Quick Hits:
Fables #72 (***): It only took one and a half issues and I’m already sick of Cinderella’s self-important narration. Please, can we not see her pop up again anytime soon? Thanks.
Jack of Fables #22 (****): And then we have Jack… when is this book going to suck? Ever? How does it continually impress?
She-Hulk # (*): BOOOOOOOOO-RED.
Ultimate Fantastic Four #53 (-): Stupid preordering. I wish I could go back in time and cancel this book before Mike Carey takes over.
Ultimate Human #4 (*): This was an annual or a one-shot at best. How Ellis managed to stretch it out for four issues boggles the mind… oh wait, no it doesn’t. FAT PAYCHECK, baby.
Ultimate Spider-Man #121 (****): For the last few months in Ultimate Spidey, Bendis has been sticking to single issue plots. And thank God, because they are so much fun! Please continue.

*The worse the movie, the higher the rating!