Review: Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3 (of 3)

Perhaps your enjoyment of Battle for the Cowl depends on your opinion of Tony Daniel’s art. I find his art to be mediocre and forgetful, which is pretty much how I’ve felt about Battle for the Cowl, up to this point. This issue made me realize that BFC is indeed bad, very bad. But this series is still boring to talk about, so I’ll try to keep it entertaining:

On page two, look at how Black Canary and Huntress are standing. Who stands like that? Huntress is practically turning her torso completely around to look at us. No, Daniel is just giving us unnecessary ass-shots. Thanks, Daniel. I think I creamed my pants.

Nightwing sees “Too Late” and the bat symbol on fire. Oh, how I love that trick. I would rather see Jason Todd taking the time to write out those words and the bat symbol, using gasoline. How can he write so legibly? What a waste of time, just to make one panel look “cool.”

Tim Drake speaks paragraphs worth of words to himself, even though Daniel used captions earlier in the issue. Maybe Drake is schizophrenic?

Spoilers! Jason Todd falls to his “death” in the water. How original.

Every character is so generic. None of them have any voice whatsoever.

Daniel’s art is extra bland. At least in “Batman RIP” he rendered some memorable images. Nothing is striking at all in this issue.

Spoilers! There is no good reason for Dick to put on the cowl, not even from a story sense. Earlier in the issue, Dick explains the reason why he didn’t become Batman, because Bruce told him not to, and then at the end, he just said he realized that he was Batman.

Spoilers! There is no good reason for Damian to become Robin. He doesn’t even get a cool moment. You just see him standing there, it’s not even clear that he is the new Robin.

Anyway, this issue was bad and boring. I suppose there’s a few good things about it, but I certainly would have been fine if I never read it. Oh, and I would love it if DC used the quote: “Thanks, Daniel. I think I creamed my pants.” That would really promote the series!

Grade: D

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Top 5 Best Comics of April 2009!

This is a new feature. Let me know what you guys think. I read 26 comics in April, and these were the best.

But first, let’s kick things off with the worst book of the month:

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2 (of 3)

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2

Written by Tony Daniel

Illustrated by Tony Daniel

Published by DC Comics

No, this wasn’t actually the worst book of the month, but it was the worst I read. And the fact that it’s so high-profile, gives me all the more reason to bash it. But, to be fair, this isn’t a terrible comic. In fact, I wish it were a terrible comic, because then, at least, it’d be a bit interesting. What we have here, is forgettable, generic hogwash. I suppose, if you were a huge fan of Tony Daniel, you might have a bit of a good time. I’m not that fan. Again, Tony Daniel isn’t terrible. In fact, if we were ranking mediocre 90’s, Post-Jim Lee artists, Daniel is near the top of the list. However, that’s still not nearly enough to keep me entertained while reading a story completely written for the art. Why the hell did DC let Daniel write this? “Hmm, what writer should we get to follow Grant Morrison? I know! Tony Daniel!” I could write more, but I’ve bashed this comic more than enough. This book isn’t even that fun to hate.

Secret Warriors #3 (Wolverine Art Variant)

5. Secret Warriors #3

Written by Jonathan Hickman & Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrated by Stefano Caselli

Published by Marvel Comics

Wow! Who knew I was craving a book like this? Oh wait, I did! I’m awesome! Only three issues in, and Secret Warriors is arguably the best comic that Marvel is currently publishing. It’s definitely the most exciting. First, we got that kick in the pants about Hydra. Then, we got the return of the freakin’ Gorgon. This issue’s Dum Dum reveal really wasn’t that exciting, but who knew that some of Phobos’ prophecies from the second issue would already come to pass? Oh, and Gorgon said something like, “Someday, I will kill a god.” Yeah, whenever a badass talks about killing gods, it’s always pretty cool.

Boys #29 (Cover B)

4. The Boys #29

Written by Garth Ennis

Illustrated by Darick Robertson

Published by Dynamite Entertainment

This was the conclusion of “We Gotta Go Now,” an arc that spent a little too much time on masturbation jokes. But man, did this issue blow the damn doors down. First, we get the chilling truth about the G-Men. Then, Hughie gets his badass moment. And…well, the shit pretty much hits the fan after that.

Walking Dead #60

3. The Walking Dead #60

Written by Robert Kirkman

Illustrated by Charlie Adlard

Published by Image Comics

It’s always hard to rate The Walking Dead on an issue to issue basis. That’s probably the reason why most people read it in trade. However, with this issue featuring  the conclusion of that horde business, the ever-growing madness of Morgan, and the feeling that Dale may finally turn on Rick, this was a terrific installment.

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Secret Six #8

2. Secret Six #8

Written by Gail Simone

Illustrated by Carlos Rodriguez

Published by DC Comics

Ah, Secret Six, a title that never fails to put a big, stupid grin on my face. Actually, I wasn’t too impressed with the last issue. It wasn’t bad, but for the conclusion of the first arc, which was pretty awesome, it just wasn’t completely satisfying. This issue, however, was sweet and charming, while still managing to provide all that sick, twisted humor that the book continues to deliver. Oh, and Tiny Secret Six? Classic.

Detective Comics #853

1. Detective Comics #853

Written by Neil Gaiman

Illustrated by Andy Kubert

Published by DC Comics

So, I guess this arc wasn’t nearly as well-recieved as people hoped, huh? Then again, a lot of people don’t care for Morrison’s run, either. So what the hell do people know? Gaiman managed to pack everything he could about Batman into just two issues. He does a good job expressing the appeal of Batman, touching on everything from his love to his mortality. However, the undisputed star here is Andy Kubert. He produces possibly the best work of his career. Well, I don’t know if it’s better than Batman #666. I love that issue.

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Pretty even between Marvel, DC, and Indies, but DC did snag the top two. Then again, DC was also responsible for the worst book of the month. Overall, I’d say that April was a pretty good month for comics. All five of these books were a hell of a read.