This Week In Comics: 4th of July Edition

This week in comics, America America America America!  Also, Animal Man breaks out of its slump!

Why this cover? Because I forgot to pick up Action Comics #11 this week. To be fair, my comic shop files it under S for Superman, rather than A for Action Comics, and I disagree strongly with that policy. I understand it, but still, that’s just not reasonable. I’m open to debate on that claim, though.

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This Week in Comics: 6/13/2012

This week in comics, the Avengers ask the X-Men to do the lambada – the forbidden dance! – with grave consequences, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. finally finds its voice and Brian Woods launches an excellent new post-apocalyptic drama with Dark Horse.

Amanda Conner: DC’s secret weapon and cover artist extraordinaire.

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