Review: Avenger’s Arena


Little late, but that happens with me during finals.  Anyways, out of the new Marvel Now initiative, this comic is probably the one I was most looking forward too.  After all Avenger’s Academy was one of two for my favorite Marvel titles, and while that is gone this appeared to be the closest thing to it’s follow up.


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Avengers vs. X-Men: so far part 2

Two weeks ago I borrowed ikeebear’s “One Sentence Review” format to catch up on all the Avengers vs. X-Men titles.  To cover the last two weeks of AvX, I’ll be working a bit more like Cal’s “This Week in Comics“.  So short paragraphs, though I’ll still order them top to bottom with a ranking out of 5.  Warning, there may be a few small spoilers.
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Top 5 Comics of August 2010


Damn it. I’m late again. I read 27 comics in August, and these were the best.
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