Review: Secret Six #5 -Spoilers!

Secret Six #5


Again, this is a spoiler review. Sorry, but I’ve already written four gushing reviews about this series. I love this book. This issue is awesome as well. You should give it a try. Ok, people who haven’t read this out of the way? Then let us dive into the spoilers.

Oh no, Bane is getting tortured! Ah, those Junior guards used to be conjoined twins. Is that foreshadowing? Could there be some other sibling relationship coming up? Bane is tortured by brick pummeling? How whacky and cool! Deadshot gets his own narration now? That must be part of the Faces of Evil thing. It’s a bit jarring to have a format change mid-arc, but oh well. It works fine. Bane bites a guy’s neck! It’s funny that the first two comics I read this week feature neck biting. Is this the begging of some unsettling comics trend?

The Six (Minus Bane of course) finish off those villain bounty hunters. Poor Tiger Shark! We then get the Junior reveal. It’s Ragdoll’s sister, baby! Ha Ha! How insane is that? It even has breasts that are covered by a word balloon and a finger. Oh man that is good. Well, sorry for the whacky review people, but is there any other way to review this fantastically bizarre book?

Review: Detective Comics #852

Detective Comics #852


Last time we saw Hush he was shamed, beaten and broke. He also looked like Bruce Wayne. Think about it. What would you do if you looked like Donald Trump? Well, you’d probably do something with your ridiculous hair first, but after that what would you do if you looked like someone rich and powerful. Hush explores those lucrative possibilities.

This is the first issue of Faces of Evil that I’ve read. It’s DC’s new month long event. Basically, villains have hijacked the titles. Batman isn’t in this issue at all, but at least we have someone who looks like Bruce Wayne. Paul Dini writes a fascinating tale. I love villain books. So a POV look at Hush’s life interests me. We witness a man trying to gain maybe not his life, but at least his fortune back. And of course he’s more than happy that nearly all the money he’s stealing is from Bruce. There are many special moments that make this issue grand. Besides being well-written, we also get a brief look at an Australian superhero. Hey, any excuse to get “Oi!” in my comic is fine by me.

The jury is still out on Nguyen’s art. He’s a fine storyteller. That much is certain. But he’s just too stylized for me at times. Flipping through this issue, there are several panels that work well and several that don’t. I guess I would say he’s an uneven artist. Still, even if you may find it displeasing I don’t think it can detract from Dini’s writing.

This is a two-part story. I won’t spoil the conclusion, but let’s just say it’s pretty obvious if you’ve seen the cover to Batman #685. The question is what that character will do to Hush. Will she kill him (Probably not)? Will she return to her villainous ways and join him? After seeing the quality of this issue, I’m eager to find out.