Review: I, Vampire #2

I, Vampire #2, cover by Jenny Frison

Sometimes, love sucks.  A lot.  Though a culture of romantic comedies and pop music have conditioned us to believe that all you really need is love, we all eventually find out that that’s not really true.  You need a lot of things.  You need food.  You need shelter.  You need, above all I sometimes think, a purpose.  When I left for grad school, I had to break my own heart – and someone else’s – because we both already knew what we wanted in life… and we knew that what we wanted took us down vastly different paths in life.  Having a purpose can hurt, but it’s a big part of the drive that keeps us going every day.

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Review: I, Vampire #1

I, Vampire #1

When DC first announced the New 52, the fan community had a number of burning questions.  Among them: “What on Earth is this ‘I, Vampire’ and why is it being published?”  Even with the awesomely eclectic collection of ‘Dark’ titles DC announced alongside it, I think I, Vampire stood out to people as a particularly odd addition to the new DC Universe.  Initially, I wasn’t sure what to make of it either, but once I read writer Joshua Fialkov’s excellent crime-thriller Tumor, it jumped up on my list of titles to get excited for.  And I have to say: it was worth the excitement and the confusion.  I, Vampire #1 is an excellent new book.

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