Series Review: Amazing Fantasy #1: “TORR”


The story of Torr is one of intergalactic frustration and interspecies penetrations:



…erm. Hrm. Uh, what? Did that—I mean, did that just happen? Amazing fantasies indeed.


Later, much later, after the rape, Paul Ramsey (that’s the blond guy in the rape scene) gets a hold of a policeman’s gun. What does he do with it? I’ll let Paul explain in his own words:




So, what have we learned? Sexual assault by a giant orange alien man will lead to “saving the world” and this:




No reason? Paul, did you hear that jive? Don’t they know about the anal ruptures? The bleeding? The pain and suffering that will last years after the insurance stops paying for the therapy?  Well, he gets his revenge at least, and that my friends, is something we can all get behind.

Get it? Yeah! Did you see what I did there? Oh, yes. I know you did. Perv.