Bruce Castle Archives: All Star Batman and Robin HC



Whew. This one’s going to be a doosey. This is the comic no one likes. First off, if you didn’t know, this is written by Frank Miller and drawn by Jim Lee. This HC is 25 bucks and contains the first 9 issues. 240 pgs for 25 bucks is a good deal, so at least there’s that. This HC also features an introduction from the editor. This is pretty funny. Unless you are new to comics or you’ve been living in a hole (or both), you’ll know that everyone hates this comic. So, it’s funny that the editor’s entire introduction barely mentions this comic at all. He’s mainly talking about the creator’s previous award winning achievements. Not this comic. At the end, he says, “They know what they’re doing. Trust me!” I just found that kind of humorous.

I’ll first address the feeling that everyone has about this book, its crappiness. This comic came out so slowly. The characters are drawn in new and startling ways. This seems so be a parody of Frank Miller written by someone making fun of the man. This doesn’t seem like this is written by him. Or if it does, it seems like an exaggeration of Frank’s old work. An extreme version of Sin City or Dark Knight Returns. There are many sadistic things in this comic. Batman wants Robin to eat rats. Joker gives us an intense look at him mutilating someone. Almost all the characters are being made fun of. From the Justice League, even to the Batman himself, they all seem to being made fun of. This Batman is very different from the one we all know and love.

The messed up thing? I kind of like it. I really hesitated posting this and I could have kept it a secret that I’m reading this thing. Especially since I have recently reviewed Hulk and Ultimates 3, another two books everybody hates. But the hell with it. Somebody has to review the bad comics right? So what if I kind of like a book everybody hates. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. I still however, have fun with it.

To me it’s just a goofy zany book with glorious beautiful art. I love Jim Lee. He’s one of the guys that got me into comics so I like to support him. And I love Frank Miller’s work, his old work at least. I find it hard not to read a new Frank Miller Batman book. I could go into reasons why I like this book, but that’s pointless. Everyone likes something crappy from time to time. We all have guilty pleasures that we don’t tell others about (I’ll probably be chastised for liking this which is why you don’t tell anybody about it).

The funny and sad thing to me is that I know someone who is new to comics who loves this book. This is the only Frank Miller book he’s ever read and he loves Frank Miller because of it. I’ve tried to get him to read Sin City or Dark Knight Returns and he won’t. For those small few who are reading this and haven’t read those books, go out and buy them immediately! You’ll thank me for it. Anyway, this HC just came out and I just read it. I want to review everything I read, even if I get a ton of flak for it. Most of you will probably give me crap for putting this up, but for those of you who have ever enjoyed a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, or a Steven Segal movie, or like something everyone else hates, you’ll understand me.

2 and a half stars