Help support a memorial for legendary comic creator Harvey Pekar

We’ve seen Kickstarter used to help people with art projects, film, comic collaborations and, perhaps most memorably, to build the city of Detroit a statue of Robocop.  But I’ve seen few causes as worthy as this one: help build a Harvey Pekar memorial in the Cleveland Heights Public Library.  Harvey is rightfully considered one of the greats when it comes to comics – if you haven’t read any American Splendor,  you really should – and this project looks like a fantastic way to memorialize him in the city he loved: not with a massive statue of the man, but of a memorial to the art form he so influenced in a location he loved.

As always, donations can get you some pretty sweet prizes, everything from your name on an online thank you list for the memorial to complete sets of Harvey’s comics work, calls or coffee dates from Harvey’s friends, family, collaborators (who include folks like R. Crumb, Alison Bechdel, Gilbert Hernandez and Alan Moore – though I hasten to add, there’s no mention as to who, specifically, you’d be talking to)  and the stars of the 2003 American Splendor film adaptation.

But even if there weren’t any gifts offered to those who pledge money, it’d still be worth your while.  As a longtime Clevelander currently trapped in Atlanta, I know I’d love to come home one day and be able to celebrate comics culture in the city that raised such immensely talented creators as Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (Action Comics), Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man), Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man), Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) and, of course, Harvey Pekar (American Splendor).  Help support comics culture, and Pekar’s legacy in Cleveland.

Long Beach Comic Con 2009!

Yes, I was there at the first Long Beach con. I thought I’d share my adventures with all of you, and by adventures, I mean pretty sketches.

Amanda Conner’s Supergirl!

I’m going to get a detailed one someday, but these quickies are great too.

Darick Robertson’s Frenchie and Female!

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but this piece is huge.

David Finch’s Catwoman! 

David modeled this after Jim Lee’s art. So, to have Scott Williams ink it is perfect.

Doug Mahnke’s Frankenstein!

Doug. Mahnke. Frankenstein. ‘Nuff said!

Geoff Johns’ Hal Jordan!

I should’ve had him write in the word balloon: “I am so kewl!”

J. Scott Campbell’s Mary Jane!

Finally, after years of waiting.

Micah Gunnell’s Black Cat!

Always a pleasure to talk to this guy, and the sketch aint bad either!

Philip Tan’s Scarlet!

Man, that’s ugly. In a good way.

Simone Bianchi’s Shining Knight!

Two soldiers down, five to go.

Notable signed items?

Ennis’ second out-of-print Punisher hardcover!

Skull, courtesy of Darick Robertson. Mini-Frank, rendered by Jimmy Palmiotti. And that third signature belongs to big Frank himself, Thomas Jane.

The Pro, in oversized out-of-print hardcover style!

Signed by the entire art team: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Paul Mounts. This just demanded a Pro sketch, and Amanda was kind enough to deliver.

That’s all, folks. I had a blast, and I hope it’s even better next year.

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Everyone Likes Sketches

You may have liked my recent Comic Con 2009 post. Well, I recently had to upload some more sketches for reasons that may or may not involve money. So, I thought, since I went through the trouble of uploading them, I may as well post them here. So, enjoy!

Charlie Adlard’s Rick Grimes!

Darick Robertson’s Annie! NSFW

David Mack’s Echo!

Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon!

Ethan Van Sciver’s Barry Allen!

Ethan Van Sciver’s Hal Jordan! Word balloon provided by Geoff Johns!

Joe Linsner’s Dark Ivory!

Philip Tan’s Dr. Light!

Ryan Ottley’s Atom Eve!

Todd Nauck’s Emma Frost!

My Comic Con 2009!!!

Wow! It’s already come and gone. I thought I’d just give my report on my experience. But don’t expect to see any pictures of fat, sweaty guys, dressed in 300 “costumes.” No, my Comic Con involved laughter, love, and chatting with the talent.


Aaron Lopresti’s Wonder Woman!

Alvin Lee’s Sagat!

Amanda Conner’s Power Girl!

Cliff Chiang’s Black Canary!

Cliff Rathburn’s Reaper!

Dean Yeagle’s Mandy!

Dustin Nguyen’s Batman!

Francis Manupal’s Cassie Sandsmark!

Jamal Igle’s Silver Banshee!

Jamal Igle’s Supergirl!

Joe Linsner’s Batman!

Jonboy’s Meyers’ Wonder Woman!

Micah Gunnell’s Wolverine!

Nicola Scott’s Scandal Savage! Hey, it’s signed by Gail Simone too!

Patrick Gleason’s Arisia!

Patrick Gleason’s Soranik Natu!

Philip Tan’s Red Hood!

Sanford Greene’s Supergirl!

Terry Dodson’s Emma Frost!

19 sketches in two days, for a total of 80 dollars. Not too bad, right? I think I did good.

And you have to get stuff signed!

Now, the only signature I need on my Sinestro Corps War hardcovers is Ivan Reis.

I’m gunnin’ for ya, Reis!

Green Lantern symbols provided by Geoff Johns.

Aww, Gail Simone loves me!

And she put a Wonder Woman star over her “i”. How precious! Terry Dodson and Bernard Chang have pretty signatures too.

Terry Dodson calls Frank Cho a perv!

The war is on. Which artist will win?

Greg Rucka gave me a free copy of Detective Comics #854!

So, I was standing in line for Jamal Igle at the DC Booth, when Greg Rucka shows up next to me! We talked. I said I was sad since I didn’t have anything for him to sign. He went into his magic bag and pulled that out. Sweet, huh?

So, there you have it, friends. I had a hell of a time, and you got to see my reward for fighting through the unkempt masses. Thanks for reading!

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Catwoman Gets Jealous

Sorry, this is about as random as posts get, but I’m curious. Constantly, one of the biggest reasons people come to read/RANT is because they search for “catwoman gets jealous.” Why do you search for this? When has Catwoman gotten jealous? Is this some sort of password for the Freemasons or Stonecutters? I don’t know, but please, enlighten me in our comment section. Oh, yeah, and:

Please, check out the site!

I like Catwoman. I hope Rachel Weisz does get to play her soon.

CGS Super Show Thoughts

Yesterday I got back from a nice weekend in Reading, PA hanging out with geeks aplenty, spending money I shouldn’t have and generally enjoying the hell out of myself. Here’s some highlights.

I picked up a bunch of sketches, but decided that the ones I preordered simply weren’t enough. I added two Galactus sketches to my haul, one by Dave Wachter ( and one by the artist behind the Mumblepuss webcomic ( I also got Ken and Buz from The Living Corpse ( Pictures of some of the sketches (because my scanner has kicked the bucket) will be at the bottom of this article, as well as on my own blog, Musings from The Alpha Primitive.

I bought stuff. I decided to get the Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo anthology from Image, which is a whale of a book that could easily be described as a tome. The thing is nearly a foot wide and tall, and close to two inches thick. I’ve read parts of it, and it’s gorgeous. I also picked up a signed copy of the first Mousegard hardcover with a little sketch from David Peterson in it. Haven’t cracked that one open yet; I’ll probably wait until after the move.

Wild Pig Comics was also there with 48 feet of table space full of long boxes. I grabbed issues 2-5 of Trinity, some early issues of a few Marvel Classic Illustrated stuff to try them out (Iliad and Picture of Dorian Gray), as well as some other random stuff to fill in some recent holes. And all of it was fifty cents apiece. I would honestly say that one of the only things I’m going to miss after I move is the fact that I can’t easily make it to the twice annual Wild Pig sales in northern New Jersey.

I also sat in on my first podcast, as myself and my roommate were invited to join Ian Levenstein’s Super Show episode of Comic Timing. We talked about the show for about two hours, and there was a lot of guests and madness and drinking and laughing our heads off at one in the morning in a Days Inn hotel room in Wyomissing, PA. I also threw in a little plug for read/RANT at the end there. It’ll go up as episode 72, and knowing Ian’s posting habits, it might be up by October of 2012.

Charlito (co-host of Indie Spinner Rack) performed a fifteen minute musical about Peter and Bryan of CGS. I can’t really explain it, and I don’t know if I’m ever going to be the same again.

Many other things happened, but I’m not going to write about those things. It was a great time, and a hell of a lot more fun than Wizard World Philly, so by default it was the best con of the year for me, and I can’t wait for next year.

Now, on to the sketches!

Dave Wachter’s Galactus:

The Mumblepuss Galactus:

Ken and Buz’s Mar-Vell

A Bit of Shameless Self Promotion

I’ve started my own separate WordPress blog designed to be an outlet for any and all things not comic related. Anyone that likes the way I write (especially those folks who may not agree with my opinions about the comics world) is more than welcome to check it out. My first post is about the strong ties music has to memory. It’s just a taste of what I hope to accomplish (and not abandon) in this other venture parallel to read/RANT.

I think my writing on this blog was starting to suffer. A lot of that might have to do with the stresses of an impending move (which are about to be lessened extraordinarily, as Friday is my last day at work). But I also think that I was feeling a bit unfulfilled creatively. This should help that, and hopefully my writing on all fronts will improve.

So check it out if you like. You can find it here.

We now return to your regularly scheduled comic ranty goodness.

So Here’s What I Don’t Get

DHL received my DCBS Box at 10:53 AM Friday morning at their facility in Bristol, Pennsylvania. It is a scant twenty minute drive up I 95 to get from Bristol to my door in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

So why, pray tell, is it Monday evening and I STILL DON’T HAVE MY BOOKS?!?!?

I think people are conspiring against me and don’t want me to read Final Crisis 3. That must be it. And the rest of my books are suffering for it.

Somebody’s getting a call if this doesn’t change by tomorrow. RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!!!! Perhaps it’s time to switch to UPS shipping.

A Slight Delay

For the first time in a non holiday week, my DCBS box didn’t show up on Friday (thanks, DHL). So that means no Final Crisis review until at least Monday night.