This Week in Comics: 7/18/12

This week in comics, Saga and Justice League are sold out at my shop so I don’t get to read them, Carol Danvers returns to the spotlight in Captain Marvel #1, and Mark Waid completely rocks.

Decent book. Terrible cover.

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Last Week in Comics: Digital Edition

The fantastic cover to one of my new favorite digital titles.

Lately, there’s been something of a digital explosion in the comics community.  While they fought against digitizing for so, so long, now everyone is rushing to find new ways to make it work for them.

It’s about damn time.

So, I thought I’d check in with a few recent releases in the digital comics world and give you guys some ideas for what’s worth checking out and what you can safely avoid.  This probably won’t be a weekly feature, but I’ll try and check in with the world of digital comics as often as I can.

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