DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 29

And so ends the seventh month of One Sentence Reviews, complete with an updated leaderboard.  It’s getting harder and I already know I’m going to have to consider what to do when the second wave of New 52 titles commence (it’d be silly to continue as I am).  What that will mean I’m not yet sure … but in the meantime I’m sorry for the lateness of this week’s article and need to apologise in advance for next week’s, since I haven’t read a single issue of that batch at this stage.

As usual, each comic is scored out of five. 

Warning, there could be spoilers ahead, although I try to avoid them.

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Retrospective: Teen Titans vol 3 (part 7)

Looking into issue 50-54.  Issue 50 is a collaboration between McKeever, Johns, Wolfman, and Dezago.  This is also Johns’ last work on Teen Titans and after this issue, McKeever takes over by himself for a while.

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Retrospective: Teen Titans vol 3 (part 1)

I’m a fan of the Teen Titans, especially the latest incarnation that went from 2003-2011 and as this relaunch makes it seem their entire history may be erased, I wanted to give them a farewell starting with issues 1-7 (also collected in trade form as “A Kid’s Game” or the soon to be released Teen Titans Omnibus 1).  Like usual, beware of spoilers.

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Review: Flashpoint #3

After Flashpoint #2, I was legitimately concerned for the series.  The last issue was scattered and uneven, trying to do a bunch of different things and failing at just about every single one of them.  The book was torn between being a big action book and a big ideas book, and it was failing at both.  Flashpoint #3, however, brings us right back on track, telling a clear, focused adventure story.  Spoilers below…

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