review/RANT: Brightest Day #8

So at the start of the summer I stopped reading comic books. It wasn’t a concious decision. The first couple of weeks I was just too enthralled in FIFA madness (wtf U.S.A?) and I just kind of fell off the wagon. Anyway, I have started to catch up. I thought a cool opportunity resulting from playing catch up would be that I could read five straight consecutive issues of Brightest Day. To my incessant complaints that this series is borderline incoherent (not to mention st00pid) many have argued that it will read better in the trades. If this experiment is any indication… Nope. This story really makes no f!ing sense.

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Brightest Day #1

Here we go…

Let me just begin by saying that I think Brightest Day # 1 is a decent comic. Not good but not terrible either. I liked the Jordan/Ferris/Sinestro team up.  The set up explaining what would possibly bring these characters together post-blackest night is actually pretty effective. My only squabble here is that I hope that this storyline merely serves as a prologue for Deadman now that it seems he will be a real character and not some narrative device. The Green Lantern characters have 3 books being published right now; I really hope they don’t take up to much space in this book as it already feels a bit crowded. I liked the brief Martian Manhunter storyline though I am a little disappointed that his mission to terraform Mars is apparently being postponed.  I also liked Mera’s portrayal (she’s not Aquman in a skirt). I even liked the twist on Aquaman’s power.  Ah but Aquaman is also where everything starts to go to hell. Continue reading