Spoiler Review: Captain America #42

Usually, I post the Captain America reviews the day a new issue releases, sometimes literally hours after it hits on the West Coast. But yesterday, after I finished the final part of “The Death of Captain America” epic, I kind of didn’t feel like writing anything. I didn’t want to say anything too negative about … Continue reading

Spoiler Review: Captain America #41

EXCITING STUFFS THAT EXISTED THIS WEEK IN CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! Actually, you should be investing in the Amero. Red Skull is running out of “time”… As your doctor, I suggest you take the blue pill. It has a powerful antihistamine. Gone, baby, gone… …but, how about a shiny new SHIELD tracking device as a consolation prize? … Continue reading

Spoiler Review: Captain America #38

Dear Brubaker,     You are so cool. Don’t ever change. Love, Billy YAUS!!! Not a clone! Not an imaginary tale! It’s that other Captain America from the 1950’s who set himself on fire as the Grand Director. This is why Brubaker kicks so much ass. Reading this issue reminded me that Brubaker has probably read … Continue reading