Review: Six-Gun Gorilla #1


No, not the same line as the previously reviewed Six Gun Gorilla by r/R’s own Matthew Derman.  This one is done by Brian Christgau and his crew, and is one indie comic definitely worth checking out.

Spoiler warning!

22 pages long of story is brought to you by Brian Christgau.  While many are free of words, and others containing very few, not a page feels wasted in this origin story.  Its simple yet complete, and Christgau handles everything beautifully.  Starting us off with a bang of action that quickly reverses time into the origins of the titled character.  While the origin will continue on into issue two at least, we see Six-Gun grow attached to a young girl, and their lives together sixteen years later as part of a circus act.  While I have a guess what will happen in the second issue when it comes out (which sounds like it should be soon), I’d still love to see how exactly it does happen, and probably even be proven wrong.

Now while Christgau is the man behind the story, I think think the true props here have to go to Adrian Sibar.  Sibar acts as artist from pencils and inks to the coloring, and does an amazing job.  This isn’t the more common current style of art seen in most comics that’s flashy, bright, and streamlined.  Sibar’s carry a slightly older feel to it with a primarily sepia tone of color which fits not just the time of the story, but the story itself.  As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of pages with little to no text in it at all, and its Sibar’s art in those areas that really tells the story by telling us what we need to know and giving off the emotions of the characters.  There even was a page that gave me vertigo by looking at it!


Sibar bringing the Congo to life

If there was one flaw I found in this comic, it’s that the production of it seems to take some time.  It appears it came out June 5, 2013 (which I believe beat Boom’s version), though issue two is not out yet.  Anyone interested in this comic may purchase it online at the official blog.


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