Review: Uncanny X-Men #10

UXM10Seems Bendis is pointing out more and more things that I personally disliked over AvX and the current fallout.  And I like it!


Various things happen in this issue.  One being it seemed Magneto is (was?) still in touch with Hill and giving out some information on the X-Men.  His extreme distaste at Dazzler when she shows up for the current meeting, when his main want of giving them information still goes unanswered.  It also seems Eva Bell (Tempus) is discovering there is more to her powers.  A fun thing for me as, while she hasn’t gotten a lot of time, I have so far been loving her character.

My main love for this issue is the protest that gets put on TV.  University of Michigan college students making a protest of… well just about everything I’ve been protesting in various posts in this blog over AvX and the fallout of it.  That all Scott and the other “Phoenix Five” tried to do was make the world a better place, and yet the Avengers tried to stop them for it.  That Scott is wanted.  They even go a bit further talking about how the mutants are the future, and that it seems the Avengers/FF/Government is trying to stop that from happening.  And finally that Scott and his other X-Men are not alone.  Neat thing is, it doesn’t seem that any of the protesters are mutants.  Many are dressed up like mutants, but I doubt any of them actually are.  I believe this is the first time, at least since AvX, where the comics have shown regular humans to be showing support for them.  Hell, not many seem to show support for Scott lately.

I do sort of wish Scott didn’t make a public appearance, or at least not so quickly.  I was a little curious to hear more on their letter to the president that was soon interrupted by his appearance.  The ending brings about a new Sentinel.  Some reason I have a feeling Tempus is going to be rather instrumental in the fight against it.  More so I wonder how it’ll effect things showing up at a pro-mutant/Scott protest like that.  Just will have to wait until next month to see.


About xxadverbxx

I'm a fan of comics. I use to love DC, but events pretty much starting with the New 52 had pushed me off of them for years. Lately though titles like Gotham Academy and We Are Robin have brought me back to them. I'm much more still a Marvel fan though at this moment who I moved to since New 52 slowly kept pushing me away from DC. Often a fan of X-Men titles while I've really been loving Spider-Gwen series. Film wise I'm upset at DC though I really really want them to do good. At least their TV series are mostly enjoyable (though Arrow has dipped in quality), while I'm a huge fan of the Marvel films. Also, I still really hate Dan Didio and still view him as at least most of what has been going wrong with DC comic wise lately.

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