Comment for free Marvel comics!

readrantAgain, not a lie.

Before I begin, just a reminder about the Banner Contest!  So far we’ve had only two people turn in banners and its over next week!  If you enjoy this blog, or just want a chance at getting some free comics, then I suggest you get to work before time runs out!  Anyways, like last time the rules for this contest are:

  • Comment! Comment responses to another comment does not count, however.
  • Make sure your wordpress account is linked to a valid e-mail, and you subscribe to read/RANT.
  • If by any reason you seem to be a spam bot (we’ve had lots of those lately) your comment will be deleted/flagged as spam and you forfeit your chance to win.
  • One entry for this!  Though you may try again in next week’s, even if you win.
  • Current and previous read/RANT bloggers – besides myself (xxadverbxx) – are eligible!

Also if you hadn’t noticed, the list of prizes has been put up.  Expect this comment contest to run until Sunday, and the final one to happen next week!




About xxadverbxx

I'm a fan of comics. Mainly DC and more specifically the Bat family. Grayson would be my favorite character, though I'm very sad to see Stephanie leaving her role as Batgirl, and generally upset at Didio - the man I deem responsible for all that I dislike in DC comics.

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