Review: The Secret Origin of Goat

goatorigin1Sonny Strait – Funimation voice actor and comic artist/writer for various works like Elfquest – was selling his latest work The Secret Origin of Goat at Anime Minneapolis last weekend.  I couldn’t resist.

Spoiler-free! (OMG!)

So I’ll be open about this.  I found it rather confusing, though amusing.  This is an issue “#0” comic, an origin story.  It does come with a very handy, very short introduction to inform you the bare bones of what you need to know.  Even so, I found this a little confusing.  Things jump around, and a few parts didn’t seem very clear to me.  Well, one part in particular that I won’t get into to keep this spoiler free.  Despite that, I still found things amusing at parts.  Sonny, after all, seems to have a knack for comedy.  His characters, his panels, and his art for this all have a very nice comedic touch to it that I rarely find this good in either American comics or Japanese manga.


The story itself as already stated is a little confusing, but with great comic parts to it.  The piece really looks promising.  Not to mention the two “volumes” that this is an origin to is readable free online at and seems a third volume is in the works.  While I haven’t read through them yet, I glanced over the first couple of chapters and it looks that the series will be less sporadic and thus far more clear than the origin.  Its something I plan on giving a read hopefully soon, actually, as it does look quite promising.


If anyone is interested in The Secret Origin of Goat and make it to any anime/comic conventions where Sonny Strait is a guest star, well you can buy one from him yourself.  Otherwise it can be ordered online, and I think is sold in some comic stores down in Texas as well for any residents down there.  As an added treat for those who do catch Sonny Strait at a convention, well not only will he sign it for you, but he’ll draw a picture of your favorite character that he’s done (ie: Krillin from DBZ, Hughes from FMA/Brotherhood, etc.).  I’d say its worth checking out if you get the chance for either comic fans, or simply fans of Sonny’s voice work.



Maes Hughes, one of my preferred Sonny-voiced chars

Maes Hughes, one of my preferred Sonny-voiced chars

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