Review: Wolveine and the X-Men #32

WXM32While not quite as enjoyable as #31, its still a blast.

First the issue starts with a very amusing (albeit slightly creepy) scene involving a snowman.  Completely hilarious, assuming you ignore the potential civilians he possibly kills with his escape route.  Second, well I’ll just keep the rest of this short.  We get Wolverine using Bamfs like basset hounds.  Hillbillies with shotguns (and I don’t mean Dog Logan).  Lots of whiskey.  Toad’s surprise appearance and potential hero-dom rising.  More whiskey.  And a very interesting moment with Quire that hints of possible greatness to come.  Possibly another link to something hinted in issue 4.



Oh, and want free comics?  Check that link!  Also look out tomorrow afternoon for the comment contest of the week!

About xxadverbxx

I'm a fan of comics. Mainly DC and more specifically the Bat family. Grayson would be my favorite character, though I'm very sad to see Stephanie leaving her role as Batgirl, and generally upset at Didio - the man I deem responsible for all that I dislike in DC comics.

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