read/RANT Banner Contest (free comics)

readrantFirst – and the grand prize – will go to whoever creates a winning banner!  PLUS prize details and future (lame) competitions coming up!

Details inside…

So this is the first competition.  Why?  Well as much as I like the current banner at the top of the page with Hal and Ollie, its been around for quite some time and I just think its time for a change.  Plus, this is the only real skill based competition I could think up sadly.  How you enter:

  1. Make a 750 x 140 (or very close) banner
  2. Must include read/RANT in it and contain nothing illegal or obscene
  3. All submissions must be e-mailed to by July 10th (three weeks from today)
  4. Please include your name – or internet nickname – with the submission, as well as e-mail address you wish to have us contact you at.
  5. All work submitted implies you have rights to freely use the submitted image and that you are granting unlimited free usage rights to read/RANT (ie: don’t try to bill us afterwards or anything)
  6. NEW!  You may submit up to 3 pieces!

What does the grand prize consist of?  Your choice of the free set of comics!  Or, depending on how many issues a set has, TWO!  Possible prizes may include some of the following

  • Avengers Vs. X-Men and many AvX tie-ins
  • Ultimate Comics United We Stand/Divided We Fall Spider-Man and Ultimates issues
  • Ultimate X-Men 14 to current
  • Wolverine and the X-Men 15 to current
  • All New X-Men 1 to current
  • AND MORE!  (note: full list not yet disclosed for various reasons)

Each week after this until the Banner Contest is over will contain a simple random comment winner.  Look for the specific contest post each following Wednesday and make a comment.  Further details will be available in said upcoming post, though please make sure your wordpress account contains your valid e-mail address.  Prizes won’t be rewarded until AFTER the grand prize winner has been selected and their prize chosen.  I am not responsible for any code that does not work.  Prizes and contests subject to change.


About xxadverbxx

I'm a fan of comics. Mainly DC and more specifically the Bat family. Grayson would be my favorite character, though I'm very sad to see Stephanie leaving her role as Batgirl, and generally upset at Didio - the man I deem responsible for all that I dislike in DC comics.

17 thoughts on “read/RANT Banner Contest (free comics)

    • And I have too many digital comic codes that I know what to do with. If you want any, hit me up. After all with the low traffic here lately and my lack of contest ideas, well it won’t hurt :P

      • I feel pretty confident in saying that after a couple of decades of reading comics reguarily, I am officially done. But thanks for the offer. I don’t want to risk being sucked back in. Like most people, I now get my super hero fix elsewhere. I’ve been playing a lot of DCU Online lately which has the benefit of a DC Universe permanently stuck around the time of 52. While this isn’t necessarily my favorite spot in DC history, 52 was pretty freaking awesome.

      • For all intents and purposes, the site is yours. Do with it what you will. But I’m happy to chip in any way I can. It’s kind of funny the thing is still going after so many have come and gone. The site’s originator is long gone. It was originally conceived as a place for players of the Vs trading card game to talk about comics. And Vs. stopped publication years ago.


      • Yeah, well readership has really been down lately, and offering out free comics has barely helped. Not sure how well it’ll hold up at this moment with just two bloggers.

      • It just takes regular posts. When you post a review, post a link in a forum to drive a little traffic.

        That or post naked pictures of Starfire. That always works.

      • That could be why readership is down. ;)

        The DC forums usually generate some traffic and they don’t get mad about you spamming as long as you aren’t nuts about it. There are a few others we used to use to promote the site. Bruce Castle used to promote us at a GL site. CBR Forums will ban you if you post links. Find a few friendly places to promote your articles and you’ll get readership back up. Weekly content helps as well.

        Plus, you can always count on Starfire fans for 100 or so hits a day,

      • Haha, yeah, Starfire. Our two posts on her being not a bimbo/being over sexualized are third and fourth place for most hits. After the Teen Titans #1 rant and one of the Top Ten Comic Artist posts.

        My poor Raven nude sadly doesn’t bring in as much hits as I thought it would. Poor Raven.

      • Have to admit, I have never been a big fan of either character. But Raven has always annoyed me in particular. Seems like everyone who takes on the Titans has to do the same Raven/Trigon story I got sick of years ago.

        I have been playing DCU Online lately and they have a Raven/Trigon story arc. When you finally meet up with Raven she has the same body type as every female character in the game. Which makes her look like a bit of a bimbo.

        I don’t get the appeal of an orange-skinned girl with blank eyes no matter what she’s wearing. So the whole Starfire thing baffles me.

      • My intro to both characters was the Teen Titans cartoon. Starfire in it was nice, though seeing her in the comics was kinda a large wow. Seeing how they changed her in the New 52 was an even bigger WOW. As for Raven, I liked her as well in TT, and more than Starfire. Probably for in high school when it first came out for me, I was more the quiet bookworm. Comics again though, not a big fan. Mainly, for like you, it seemed about half of TT v.3 centered around that same Raven story. That and they kept pairing her with Beast Boy who is really creepy in the comics and was what, early/mid 20s being creepy towards the teenage heroes (especially Cassie) and Raven (who he ends up dating despite her having been dead for some years and coming back to life in a 16 year old body).

      • I’m older by quite a few years, so the TT cartoon was too young for me. I never got into it. I didn’t get into comics until my 20s. It was the 90s which was a bad time for the Titans. I remember reading the Team Titans which largely abandoned the Wolfman/Perez era team. Then YJ formed as kind of a new teen super group. I really enjoyed that book. So I was resentful when it got merged with the Titans.

        I tried reading some of the old Wolfman/Perze stuff. But I kind of think you had to be there. The appeal was lost on me. Probably the first book I read that addressed that team was Devin Grayson’s Titans which was pretty awful. Then came the Johns version of the TT which forced some of those characters into my beloved YJ. Like I said, it was not a welcome addition at the time.

        So I never had much of a chance to develop a fondness for any of those characters other than Nightwing in the Batbooks. Generally when they show up in books like JL or TT, they feel like they are intruding. But I get that a lot of other people have attachments. Especially creepy Starfire fans.

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