A Quick Update

Hey everyone!  Cal here.  It’s been a little while, and there have been some big changes.  As many of you have noticed, there aren’t many updates anymore – sadly, all the writers around here have had plenty going on lately, and we’ve fallen behind.  For instance, I got a new job a couple months ago and I had to pack up and move on short notice, find housing, set up internet… all for a job that doesn’t pay enough to keep me flush in comics!

But I’ve also got a new sideline writing gig over at Comics Crux, which helps!  I’ll be linking through to some of my reviews here, so that we can stay active here and you can leave comments and feedback, and working on a schedule to get back into leaving original content for this site.

Sorry for disappearing so suddenly, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep things lively for awhile!


3 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Welcome back! I’m failing in reviews due to a busy schedule and a lack of being able to cut down to bare minimum comics >.<

    Been thinking too about trying to expand our read/RANT writer base again. Save just asking in here, thoughts on how to do that?

    • You know, I’ve actually realized that, when you Google comic reviews, we hit pretty high up. Perhaps because you and Bruce used to spread the links around so frequently.

      Don’t know if either of you have heard of KUBLA, but it’s like a Rotten Tomatoes for Comic Reviews… and we made the list of reviewers.

    • I know we’ve been linked/quoted a few times (Wikipedia, various blogs, I think even IGN a couple times) and that we often rank high in google searches, but I have no clue what Kubla is.

      This may also explain the somewhat high amount of spam commentors I’ve been clearing out.

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