Review: Batman and Robin Annual


A great and somewhat surprising Annual that should be in every collection.

Spoiler Warning.

Batman’s usually dark stories.  Detective based, stealth based, races against some clock or another, etc. etc.  And looking at this, it seemed it would be more of the same.  You know, with that Damian as Batman 666 thing that’s popped up a few times now.  By the cover, that is actually what I was expecting, something (beyond the costume) connecting to those 666 stories.  Instead what came was a pleasantly lighthearted and touching comic that you don’t often see with a Batman title.

Yes we do see Damian run around as “Batman, Jr”, and trying to even pretend he is Batman.  Not that it fooled Commissioner Gordon.  Really though, that isn’t the main story here.  What is is what Damian puts Bruce through.  What that is is set up a scavenger hunt across Europe for Bruce to follow.  One that brings about many touching, heartfelt moments as Bruce Wayne connects with his past.  Tomasi and his team do a great job carrying across Bruce’s emotions during this time, as well as having him and Alfred play off each other.  Not to mention never seeing Bruce as Batman after the second page is a very nice touch indeed.

This Annual is a must read that should be in any comic fan’s collection.


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I'm a fan of comics. Mainly DC and more specifically the Bat family. Grayson would be my favorite character, though I'm very sad to see Stephanie leaving her role as Batgirl, and generally upset at Didio - the man I deem responsible for all that I dislike in DC comics.

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