Review: Uncanny Avengers #3


My comic shop added this to my pull list without my asking.  I put issue 1 away, issue 2 I didn’t catch.  As it ended in a rather intriguing manner though, I decided to hang on and try issue 3.  Spoiler Warning!

First off let me just say that this issue is CRAP!  The idea – what is going on – could possibly have been a good issue.  It just wasn’t.  Why?  Well, it falls prey to the same trouble that Superman #1 did of having “text heavy captions”.  Quite a bit of speech too.  It’s like Remender was doing the same thing it seemed Pérez was trying to do with Supes.  Make it a throwback issue, a nod to an earlier time in comics.  Well, like Lebeau said in the comments of the Supe review, there is a reason no one does it anymore.  Most of those little boxes tell us things that we can see, and many of the others are not needed at all.  Hell, some of them are so obvious you can probably guess what the stupid box will say before you even read it.  Sometimes before you’re even on that page.

What is going on here, what Red Skull is doing could be a very interesting story.  Part of it is still really interesting, and would be a story I would keep reading.  This issue was just far too text heavy that it completely kills it for me.  If issue 4 seems to tone them down A LOT, I’ll give it a shot.  Otherwise, much like Superman, I’m done with this here.


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