Review: Avenger’s Arena #3


I know, very Hunger Games.  Oh well…

Spoiler Warning, btw

Between issue two and now three, it seems we may have a general set up for how the issues will be running for a while.  Its a nice set up, but something that could grow old rather quickly.  Basic line being issue one set up the stakes.  Issues two and three give us one new (or maybe just less known?) character to give us a background.  It started with Deathlocket, this issue its Cammi.  I must admit, these little history runs are interesting as they go back and forth between what is currently happening, and getting a view at a character’s past.  Still… Well to be honest while I recognize some of the characters, I don’t recognize all of them.  As such, I don’t really know exactly how long this set up issue two and three has will continue on.  Maybe not too long though, as it also seems each issue also brings with it the death of at least one character.

Anyways, I honestly don’t have much more to say.  I’ve been enjoying the rather over-done general story this carries, and wonder how they’ll get out of it.  More so, I’m wondering what will happen after it to the character(s) that survive.  Only time will really tell though…



About xxadverbxx

I'm a fan of comics. I use to love DC, but events pretty much starting with the New 52 had pushed me off of them for years. Lately though titles like Gotham Academy and We Are Robin have brought me back to them. I'm much more still a Marvel fan though at this moment who I moved to since New 52 slowly kept pushing me away from DC. Often a fan of X-Men titles while I've really been loving Spider-Gwen series. Film wise I'm upset at DC though I really really want them to do good. At least their TV series are mostly enjoyable (though Arrow has dipped in quality), while I'm a huge fan of the Marvel films. Also, I still really hate Dan Didio and still view him as at least most of what has been going wrong with DC comic wise lately.

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