Avengers Vs. X-Men part 10

Well, only a few more to go it seems before we hit “Consequences’.  From now on I’ll try to hit them the week they come out, but I might get caught with school and work again.  This review brings us just a few weak 3 pointers and less.

Uncanny X-Men #18
Interesting to see that Scott apparently had three things going on at once during the Round 11 fight, and of course it also shows Scott at least fearing that they have been slipping in their control and reasoning. – 3.0

Avengers Vs. X-Men Round 11
Somewhat interesting watching Scott/Xavier, extremely beautiful work by the art team, yet I can’t help but dislike how this has gone for it seems forced by the writers through everything to reach this point (also, the variant cover makes absolutely NO sense). – 3.0

Woverine and the X-Men #16
Part of this issue explains Kade Kilgore’s short life, part shows him dealing with the Phoenix Five; while I guess Kade’s life was interesting enough I didn’t need an entire comic for it, nor do I tend to like having a comic randomly jump back to an event that happened a while ago. – 2.5

The New Avengers #30
Mostly focusing on Cage, save the very annoying attack by the Purifiers who Bendis has constantly quoting bible verses so much it killed some of the issue for me. – 2.5

Avengers #30
This shouldn’t carry the AvX banner as the only AvX thing about it is it takes place while the AvX things still go on, otherwise its just one very long and very wordy argument between Hawkeye and Spider-Woman with a slight set up for some post-AvX crap. – 1.5


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