Avengers vs. X-Men: so far part 3

I was starting to plan an update every other week for AvX stuff, but the Gambit vs. Captain America fight was too good to leave for a week before it got a review!  Plus, it did help my pull list had a rather large stack this week.

Avengers vs. X-Men 2 of 6
Its almost instantly that the fight starts between Gambit and Captain America, and damn Gambit is good.  Not only does he get the jump on Captain America, but we actually see him steal the shield and charge it with his powers!  Oh, the destruction it brings while not actually destroying the shield is simply amazing.  If only it could happen more often…  The fight is great, though I’ll state outright the Avengers get yet another win.  In terms of the AvX issues, it seems their taking them all.  They get 3 outta 4, though both these fights are amazing.  While Gambit stole most the show in the first one yet lost, the opposite goes in the next fight.  Spidey steals most the show here with his antics and comments, but ends up biting the dust.  Sorry for spoiling the outcome, but both fights are still amazing and worth the read to see how they get there. – 4.5

Avengers vs. X-Men Round 4
Yeesh, round 4 already?  The start of this just cracked me up.  Its… well I really don’t want to spoil how the issue starts, but its just great.  We get a team up here that may or may not come as a surprise.  We get some interesting conversations.  In fact, we get a slight view at fights that are going on mostly in other comics, though they seem to play out a little differently in this issue than they do in their actual respective issues.  Still, its an interesting glimpse non-the-less.  This issue has even a few comical moments, and ends not just with a confrontation of X-Men vs. Avengers again (with the X-Men it seems greatly outnumbered), along with the Phoenix finally showing up.  – 4.5

Avengers Academy #30
I found the start to be a bit slow, especially compared to last issue which I found to be a blast.  We see girl talk, students wondering what to think about the X-kids being brought there and the fight, X-23 wondering who to side with, and of course the staff trying to figure out what to do with an escaped Shaw.  Eventually though, fights break out everywhere.  One that even includes a guest seemingly promised in the last issue that never showed then, and ending with Shaw reaching the kids.  Question is, will he do what the staff feared?  – 4.0

Avengers #26
Not much felt it happened in this issue, yet at the same time some rather impressive things did.  Thor manages to push back the Phoenix.  Not take it down of course, but what he manages to it on his own is rather impressive, and the issue ends with a member turning on the rest of them.  I have a feeling those a little more into science than I am will probably enjoy this issue more.  – 3.0

Uncanny X-Men #12
So we get Scott breaking up the groups, then we follow the Tabula Rasa team of Namor, Sunspot, and Hepzibah.  Quite a lot of flirting goes on, we get to meet our old friend Good Apex.  Good Apex (if he has a name, I’m sorry but I forgot it) actually does a lot of the narrating for this issue, and some of its rather hilarious.  Most of this is a big fight though with the Namor/Thing rematch.  Nothing great, but not too bad either so consider this a strong – 2.5

Did you know Steve can run a 40 yard dash in 3.82 seconds and Spidey’s webs are 2.62 times stronger than steel?  The best “AvX FUN FACT” in the AvX issue so far has to be “ouch”.

Seems I missed out on Secret Avengers 27 and 28 by the way.  If I remember, I’ll try to keep a lookout for them next week.

Avangers vs. X-Men so far part 2

Avengers vs. X-Men so far


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