Hunger Games review and comparison

So after the midnight showing of The Hunger Games , I was walking through a clearly energetic crowd as I made way to the exit.  General consensus and the vibe I got was that people were pleased, even so I often picked up people making comments about differences from the book that the movie just didn’t get right, or did not get at all.  Now I know everything doesn’t relate to the big screen – especially with a book written in first person – but even so, I couldn’t help but agree.  Add in that I literally just finished the book a few days ago, I figured I would do a comparison.  If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, expect some spoilers

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I'm a fan of comics. Mainly DC and more specifically the Bat family. Grayson would be my favorite character, though I'm very sad to see Stephanie leaving her role as Batgirl, and generally upset at Didio - the man I deem responsible for all that I dislike in DC comics.

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