Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #6

I am a tad late on my review for Green Lantern: New Guardians #6, but considering that last week’s comic releases were slim at best I think it is still fairly relevant.

Last issue, we found the ragtag group of Lanterns being forced together by Larfleeze and teleported to an artificially created solar system composed of copied worlds, dubbed the Orrery—some of the planets the Lanterns recognize from their own travels.  Upon entering the Orrerry the Lanterns agree to pair off (at Kyle Rayner’s behest) in order to discover the meaning and origin of their journey and the artificial solar system.  Before long, the inhabitants of the copied worlds begin to call for their savior because of the Lanterns intrusion, thus summoning the Archangel Invictus to “smite the wicked.”

Invictus first attacks Munk and Fatality drawing the other colored Lanterns quickly to battle.  The majority of the issue focuses on the battle between the colored Lanterns and Invictus.  Apparently, he smells the stink of Larfleeze upon the group and wishes to avenge whatever misdeed Larfleeze has caused by eradicating the Lanterns.

Overall, I enjoyed the issue.  It was great to finally see all of the colored Lanterns semi-cooperating as they worked together to defeat Invictus.  They all have varied powers and often times they compliment each other even though their respective Corps are usually at odds with one another.

Also, as an aside, I enjoyed the humor and relationship between Kyle Rayner and Golmulus.  I was fearful that Golmulus was going to be annoying at best, but honestly I was pleasantly surprised by the light-hearted dialogue between the two and it did in fact add to the issue.  I am not sure if everyone would agree with me, but personally I thought it pretty awesome.

Tony Bedard’s story arc has been refreshing.  He has found a fairly logical way to lash together a motley crew of Lanterns, while introducing a good twist and a decent villain.  The beginning of the run was slow to start, but I think that in this instance the pace was necessary in order to set an adequate foundation.  Tyler Kirkham’s penciling matches what readers have come to expect from a Green Lantern comic; and Nei Ruffino’s colors are vibrant and colorful, which is necessary for a series that is primarily focusing on the different Lantern Corps.

So far, Green Lantern: New Guardians has been a solid run—we will see if DC can keep it up.


A.R. Schultz

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