Men of War #6 and Brandon’s departure

So Men of War is part of the first wave of cancellation and will end at issue 8.  Issue 6 however is Ivan Brandon’s last for the series, and it seems Rock’s as well.


I’ll lay the recap rather short here.  Rock basically finds out how deep he really is here, but he still manages to talk the brass into giving aid after he snuck off and found a radio.  After a few neat tricks and quick thinking not only does his group escape but their mission more or less ends in success.  As Rock and his men walk off leaving their captives tied up, he’s given a warning that they weren’t the only group out there and that he needs to watch his back.

Ivan Brandon’s writing again I found to be fantastic, especially when combined with Tom Derenick’s and Matt Wilson’s art and colors.  I’m also rather sad to see this issue for until this morning, I admit I did not realize this was to be Brandon’s (and it seems Derenick’s and Wilson’s) last issue of Men of War.  Something Ivan Brandon informed me of himself in an e-mail response to a fan letter I sent him a few hours before his response.  I now notice Comic Vine had that news out early December, I guess I just haven’t really stayed up to date lately on comic current events outside of what the first set of DC cancellations were.

I’ll flip through issues 7 and 8 as they hit the shelves, but with Rock’s story seemingly over and more so Brandon off this series, I’m most likely done with it.

Thank you so much. It really means a lot. Unfortunately yesterday’s issue 6 was my last issue of the series and I believe also Sgt Rock’s. It’s my hope to write another military story again in the near future, though.
Thanks again,


Brandon, if I ever see that you do pick up another military story again, I will be sure to read it.  For that matter, I’ll be keeping a closer eye out for your works in general.

Men of War 4

Men of War 3

Men of War 2

Men of War 1



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