DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 15

Having become a dad for the second time 11 days ago and spending a lot of time trying to make sure my two-and-a-half-year-old son doesn’t feel like his parents have just upgraded and don’t love him anymore, time for comics has been extremely limited … kind of like sleep.

So that’s my excuse for this being a few days late, and a forewarning that Part 16 is likely to be late too.

Without further ado here are some one sentence reviews.

Each comic is scored out of five and at the end I have a cumulative leader board (averaging the scores of each title) to show which are consistently excellent, which are on the rise, and which are circling the drain.

I have also reviewed the mini-series and one-shot issues (although I almost left out Batman – Leviathan Strikes! since it is set outside the New 52 continuity) but they aren’t included in the leaderboard.

Warning, there could be spoilers ahead (although I try to avoid them).

Blue Beetle #4

Fast-paced and action-packed, this is a near-perfect superhero comic book issue, with crisp artwork and a very cool new villain Silverback (although I confess a weakness for evil monkeys in my funny-books) – 4.5

Batman #4

Synder fits more story into a single issue than almost any other writer (and he does it without making it too dense, which is a rare skill), as this issue starts with a KABOOOM before feeding the reader more on the shadowy Court of Owls – including Batman recounting his first-ever investigation, which he made as a boy shortly after the death of his parents – and it’s all complemented by Capullo’s best artwork of the series so far – 4.5

Birds of Prey #4

Starling, Starling, Starling … for me, it’s all about Eve, who continues to be my favourite new character of the New 52 and a key lynchpin in one of the best team books of the relaunch, in which the writing and artwork are pitch-perfect – 4

Captain Atom #4

The best issue of the series so far, as the creative team finally hits its target – namely presenting Captain Atom as the New 52’s Doc Manhattan – as Nathaniel struggles with the unimaginable powers (and the perceptions of others of those powers) that make him both more and less than human – 4

Catwoman #4

I’m glad the New 52’s Catwoman is beginning to reach the standard a character of her standing deserves and, in particular, I’m happy to see the emotional weight that I felt was missing from the portrayal in #1 and #2 (seemingly replaced with overt sexualisation) has been realised in this issue and it’s predecessor, helped significantly by the fallout of the death of one of Catwoman’s closest friends and allies – 3.5

Wonder Woman #4

Not a lot of action in this issue, but I’m still enjoying the contemporised mythology approach for the title … that said, Azzarello needs to lay-off the too-cute punning, he’s overusing it – 3.5

DC Universe Presents #4

I think I would have scored this higher if I had enjoyed the issues leading up to it more, as the interaction with the “Son of Morning” is very interesting, even if such conversations are well-trodden in literature and cinema already – 3.5

Green Lantern Corps #4

I’m still digging the new villains, the Keepers, and liked what was revealed about them in this issue, although some other parts – including a weird cameo by Martian Manhunter – left me a little cold – 3.5

Justice League #4

DUMB, but still very pretty to look at … I was disappointed in the follow-up to Aquaman’s splashy last page intro in #3, especially the goofy way he sics mega-sharks onto the invading Parademons (reinforcing one of the clichés that Johns himself has been making fun of lately), although one scene of awesome trident-weilding badassery is just about worth the price of admission by itself – 3

Nightwing #4

The circus mystery plot is missing the mark for me, but the relatively stock-standard team-up with Batgirl to take down a new villain, the shape-shifting Spinebender, is okay – 3

Red Hood and the Outlaws #4

The strongest element of this title has been Rocafort’s artwork, which looks very fresh and kinetic, meanwhile the storyline – and especially the dialogue – fails to impress, but in this issue there are two plot lines (one focusing on Red Hood and Arsenal fighting the Untitled, and another with Starfire fighting Crux – a crazed scientist-type who has a grudge against her) that separately work okay as a single issue – 3

Supergirl #4

Not a bad issue, but the villain, Tyco, just seems like a Lex Luthor knock-off and the storyline doesn’t really offer up anything fresh or surprising – 3

Batman – Leviathan Strikes! #1 (One-Shot)

I loved the first chapter, which focused on Stephanie Brown (as Batgirl) on a mission to infiltrate an evil girl’s school that supplies female assassins to the mysterious Leviathan group, but the rest of the book kind of bored me … I’m not a huge fan of the pre-New 52 Batman Inc storyline and the fact that this one-shot is outside current continuity didn’t help – 2.5

Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Soooooo boring … I know most of these characters (I did some freelance work for the Legion of Super-Heroes Vs System expansion and did a fair bit of reading for research), but this issue and its predecessor have failed to make me care about them – 2

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #2 (of 6)

Maybe this isn’t a fair score, maybe I’m just tired from too many baby interrupted nights, maybe its just not my cup of tea, but I couldn’t even read this issue and found myself skimming by about the third page and didn’t see anything from that point that made me want to slow down and have a closer look – 0.5


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Please note, since a title is only as good as its last issue, the books are ranked firstly by their average score, then their most recent score (shown in brackets), and the number of issues is the final number.



1.  Swamp Thing  4.38  (4.5)  4

2.  Animal Man  4.13  (3.5)  4

=3.  Aquaman  (4)  3

=3.  Batman and Robin  4  (4)  4

5.  Batman  3.88  (4.5)  4

=6.  Batwoman  3.88  (4)  4

=6.  Resurrection Man  3.88  (4)  4

8.  Justice League Dark  3.83  (3)  3

9.  Blue Beetle  3.75  (4.5)  4

10.  Birds of Prey  3.75  (4)  4

11.  I, Vampire  3.67  (4)  3

=12.  Green Lantern Corps  3.63  (3.5)  4

=12.  Wonder Woman  3.63  (3.5)  4

14.  Batwing  3.62  (4)  4

=15.  Demon Knights  3.5  (3.5)  4

=15.  Green Lantern  3.5  (3.5)  4

=17.  Detective Comics  3.5  (3)  4

=17.  Justice League   3.5  (3)  4

19.  Stormwatch  3.38  (4)  4

20.  Supergirl  3.38  (3)  4

21.  Blackhawks  3.33  (3.5)  3

22.  Captain Atom  3.25  (4)  4

23.  Batgirl  3.25  (3.5)  4

24.  Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.  3.25  (3)  4

=25.  Suicide Squad  3.17  (3.5)  3

=25.  Teen Titans  3.17  (3.5)  3

27.  Catwoman  3.13  (3.5)  4

=28.  Action Comics  3.13  (3)  4

=28.  Nightwing  3.13  (3)  4

30.  Batman – The Dark Knight  3  (4)  3

=31.  Deathstroke  3  (3)  4

=31.  Green Lantern – New Guardians  (3)  3

=31.  Justice League International  3  (3)  4

=34.  The Flash  (2.5) 3

=34.  Superboy  3  (2.5)  4

36.  Static Shock  3  (2)  4

37.  Red Lanterns  2.88  (3)  4

38.  Men of War  2.75  (3.5)  4

39.  O.M.A.C.  2.75  (3)  4

40.  Mister Terrific  2.75  (1.5)  4

41.  Voodoo  2.67  (3)  3

42.  DC Universe Presents  2.63  (3.5)  4

43.  The Fury of Firestorm  2.5  (3.5)  3

=44.  All Star Western  2.5  (2)  3

=44.  Superman  2.5  (2)  3

46.  Red Hood and the Outlaws  2.38  (3)  4

47.  Legion Lost  2.38  (2)  4

48.  Grifter   2.25  (3)  4

49.  Green Arrow  2.13  (2.5)  4

50.  Hawk and Dove  2 (2)  4

51.  Legion of Super-Heroes  1.75  (2)  4

52.  Savage Hawkman  1.67  (1)  3

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One thought on “DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 15

  1. Big congrats on the new baby man! I’m surprised you’ve found any time at all for comics.

    Out of the comics listed I only read Batman, Justice League and Wonder Woman. I’d say Batman was easily the strongest this week around and Wonder Woman was the weakest. I might be dropping Wonder Woman soon if the action doesn’t pick up. I enjoyed the first 2 issues but these latest ones have been pretty boring in my opinion. I thought JL was alot better than it’s getting credit for too.

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