Character Study: Teen Titans

To me, the latest issue of Teen Titans feels like little actually happened to progress the story, but that it was mainly building up the characters in it.  So instead of an issue 3 review, I figured I’d do a slight character study instead.  Be warned, though I’ll try to avoid it this time, there could still be spoilers in here.

Kid Flash and Solstice seem to escape, Red Robin meets up with the newest character, Cassie makes a really quick appearance, and apparently a pile of trash grew intelligence and mind control powers naming itself Detritus, though Detritus does very little in this issue.  So yeah, little happens in terms of story, but I think that is just fine for Lobdell seemed to be using this issue mostly to let us get to know the characters better.

Kid Flash (Bart Allen): Pretty sure this is the first (at least in-comic) verification that he’s Bart Allen.  As for his Kid Flash, I enjoyed him in the Teen Titans, and sadly never read much of him before that.  This version seems to be touching up on the last Kid Flash version of him started up by Johns, but to me it’s falling a bit off.  We see him sprouting facts, and on an interesting two-page panel layout, even take a bathroom break in the middle of an escape from NOWHERE, not to mention he doesn’t seem to fully think things through.  Still, to me it feels Lobdell isn’t quite hitting the old mark, though I think he is trying.  Maybe it’s just missing the team dynamic?

Solstice (Kiran):  So she was only around a few issues in volume 3 of the Teen Titans, but she wasn’t a bad character.  Between her not being around too long in the last volume though, and her not getting much attention so far in here, I don’t feel able in comparing her personality between the two.  Her appearance has changed a lot, though, and I don’t like it.  She was bright, sunny, cheerful.  A positive light use to emanate from her to the point it actually bothered Raven.  It was a nice change of pace for the Titans team, or at least the last one, to have not just a positive happy member, but one who literally brightened everything.  This version?  Well the powers may be the same, but she looks dark and menacing and I just don’t like it.  It is hinted that NOWHERE was doing things to her, so the change in appearance may literally have been from those experiments.  Oh, and she does seem able to read minds, which I’m pretty sure is a power she didn’t have pre-relaunch.

Bunker (Miguel Barragan):  He comes from Mexico, and if he seems rather flamboyant, well it’s probably for Lobdell is writing him as gay and flamboyant.  Gay is one thing, but I’m not too sure about the flamboyant part for it could just dig into a bunch of negative stereotypes, and not actually help the gay community in any way.  That can only be better answered after he makes more appearances.  His reaction to meeting Red Robin reminded me of when Beast Boy met Robin in the TT cartoon (s5ep10).  His powers at least could be really interesting being purple constructs for the most part.

Red Robin (Tim Drake):  He’s good at disguises, seems smart, can fight, and carries around a lot of neat things like boots that let him stand on walls and wings.  Speaking of those wings, I don’t like them.  They just look odd and like they’d be in the way of movement considering they seem like hard metal.  It would be less awkward if it was a cape like before, or if the wings would at least go back into that small back thing after use.  Like with Kid Flash though, it feels to me like Lobdell may be trying to hit the pre-relaunch Tim Drake, but is falling a bit short.  There are things that match up and go with the character, but yet he feels a lot more pompous to me.  But maybe Lobdell wanted him to be that way, at least before he actually gets some friends *cough*Conner/Bart*cough*

not Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark):  So she barely gets time in this issue, last issue she wasn’t bad despite still some unknown hang up on being called Wonder Girl, but first I referred to her as acting a bimbo.  I said acting for it was to try and get out of a speeding ticket, while in truth she seemed, if anything, to be a rather angsty teenage girl.  Actually, it slightly reminds me of how she was a year after Superboy died, except now she seems a bigger sex object.  Bigger for yes, her volume 3 costumes were rather tight and often revealing, but for a teenage girl breaking into a hospital to attack a man for information, well she was drawn very sultry.  Was this done because of Booth, or Lobdell?  For that matter, was this just done to try and offset Miguel and make male readers feel a bit more at ease?  Or am I just hunting for things to rant about in this series?  As a parting note here, her in costume look reminds me a mix of Donna’s red costume and black one.  Oh, and the 2nd issue at least gives me hope, like the others, that she’ll be better fleshed out once the team actually forms.

Skitter (Celine):  Like the new Solstice, we haven’t seen much of her.  In fact, most of her time in the comics so far has been her wrapped up in a cocoon, which may actually be how she transforms.  Her sister stated she wrapped into a cocoon and came out as Skitter.  This issue has her in a cocoon and coming out as a normal girl again.  Seems an odd thing to have to go through to power up into a rather unknown insect looking thing that seems unable to speak (which may just be lack of ability to control the tongue in that form) with mostly unknown powers.  Still, can’t state much on this character until we see more of her.


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