DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 11


If it’s short, sharp reviews of the New 52 ye seek, then here be one sentence reviews for the comics of the week.

Each comic is scored out of five and at the end I have a cumulative leader board (averaging the scores of each title) to show which are consistently excellent, which are on the rise, and which are circling the drain. 

I have also reviewed the mini-series issues but they aren’t included in the leaderboard.

Warning, there could be spoilers ahead (although I try to avoid them).


Justice League #3
“Blockbuster”-style comics seem to be writer Johns’ specialty and, while they mightn’t offer the cleverest or deepest portrayal of character, his better efforts are usually entertaining, and combined with Jim Lee’s artwork in this issue, as well as cool introductions for Wonder Woman and Aquaman (as well as a glimpse of Darkseid), #3 provides big, dumb fun – 4

Catwoman #3
Besides the fact that new antagonist, Bone, looks distractingly similar to the character The Outsider, seen in Flashpoint, there is a lot to like in this issue, which features an emotional resonance that’s been absent from the first two issues – 4

Wonder Woman #3
This issue continues the bold, new direction for Wonder Woman, firmly establishing her as an outsider, even (especially?) among the Amazons – 3.5

Birds of Prey #3
Poison Ivy doesn’t feel very Ivy-like to me, but otherwise this is another very solid issue for this surprisingly good title, with a Mission Impossible-esque plot that really ratchets up the tension – 3.5

Batman #3
Writer Snyder is putting together an ambitious story that spans generations, building – it feels – to something special and, as such, it’s not surprising that it is going to have an occasional lull, in which a fair bit of exposition needs to be delivered … #3 is such a lull but it’s not totally devoid of action and I think it sets us on a path to bigger, more interesting twists and turns ahead – 3.5 

Blue Beetle #3
A bit of a slower issue than the first two, #3 still manages to be interesting and entertaining even though the hero isn’t fighting for his life (at least not yet, but the scene has been set for multiple throwdowns in the near future) … the issue makes up for that, however, with some strong character development – 3.5

Supergirl #3
Previous issues were pencilled by Asrar and inked by Dan Green, but “Mahmud Asrar & Bill Reinhold” are credited as “artists” in #3 … whatever all that means, I don’t like the artwork in this issue as much, although the storyline, while relatively simple, continues to be quite engaging – 3.5

Captain Atom #3
The more I read of Captain Atom, the more I key into his character and, in #3, I was enjoying the way he was portrayed as an invisible guardian angel, intervening in people’s lives to help them, before things took an odd-but-interesting (and surprisingly contemporary) turn, with him dealing with recent turmoil in Libya and encountering The Flash – 3.5

Green Lantern Corps #3
Plenty of action, some good tension and the introduction of a cool new Lantern don’t quite come together effectively in this issue, which doesn’t manage the bigger cast as effectively as previous issues (becoming a little confusing in places) and squanders a lot of the “coolness” it works hard to set up – 3

Nightwing #3
I found a time reference in this issue to be a major stumbling block and it made it hard for me to really enjoy it, which is indicative of one of the biggest problems of the New 52’s overall timeline and its effectiveness as a relaunch – retcons are easily mishandled, which is why reboots (while often upsetting to established fans) are sometimes preferable – 2.5 

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3
Man, some comics frustrate me – here writer Lobdell feels the need to recap who the main characters are (with no new or enlightening information … although later in the issue we get some backstory for Jason, Roy and Koriand’r ) but feels no compulsion to tell you other bits of information that would help to make sense of the plot … I had hoped this title could be a bit of Deadpool-esque fun but #3, like the previous two issues, isn’t up to the task – 2

DC Universe Presents #3
This story arc has been a bit of a snooze, but my hopes were lifted in the beginning of this issue, as it felt like we might be getting somewhere with mention of this “Son of Morning” chap, but then any momentum achieved was squandered as the story meandered through a couple of uninteresting body-jumping scenes before we actually got a look at the aforementioned “Son” in the final panel – 2

Legion of Super-Heroes #3
I’ve reached a point where I wonder if I can fairly review some comics, but then I remember that I didn’t mind Legion Lost #3 and gave it a fair score … this issue, like #1 and #2, however, just didn’t draw me in and reading each page was a chore – 1.5

My Greatest Adventures #2 (of 6)
As little as I care about what’s going on in the pages of Legion of Super-Heroes, at least I recognise some of the characters … even a cameo by Batman wasn’t enough to make me care about these stories and I was literally struggling to stay awake as I soldiered through it – 1


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Please note, since a title is only as good as its last issue, the books are ranked firstly by their average score, then their most recent score (shown in brackets), and the number of issues is the final number.


1.  Swamp Thing  4.33  (4.5)  3

2.  Animal Man  4.33  (4)  3

3.  Justice League Dark  4.25  (4.5)  2

4.  Batman and Robin  4  (4.5)  3

5.  Aquaman  (4)  2

6.  Resurrection Man  3.83  (4)  3

7.  Batwoman  3.83  (3)  3

=8.  Detective Comics  3.67  (4)  3

=8.  Justice League   3.67  (4)  3

=10.  Batman  3.67  (3.5)  3

=10.  Birds of Prey  3.67  (3.5)  3

=10.  Wonder Woman  3.67  (3.5)  3

13.  Green Lantern Corps  3.67  (3)  3

=14.  Batwing  3.5  (3.5)  3

=14.  Blue Beetle  3.5  (3.5)  3

=14.  I, Vampire  3.5  (3.5)  2

=14.  Supergirl  3.5  (3.5)  3

=18.  Demon Knights  3.5  (3)  3

=18.  Green Lantern  3.5  (3)  3

20.  Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.  3.33  (3.5)  3

21.  Static Shock  3.33  (3)  3

22.  Blackhawks  3.25  (3.5)  2

23.  The Flash  3.25  (3) 2

=24.  Mister Terrific  3.17  (4)  3

=24.  Stormwatch  3.17  (4)  3

26.  Suicide Squad  3.17  (3.5)  3

27.  Batgirl  3.17  (3)  3

=28.  Action Comics  3.17  (2.5)  3

=28.  Nightwing  3.17  (2.5)  3

30.  Catwoman  3  (4)  3

=31.  Captain Atom  3  (3.5)  3

=31.  Deathstroke  3  (3.5)  3

=31.  Justice League International  3  (3.5)  3

34.  Teen Titans  (3)  2

35.  Green Lantern – New Guardians  (2)  2

36.  Red Lanterns  2.83  (3.5)  3

37.  Superboy  2.83  (3)  3

38.  All Star Western  2.75  (3)  2

39.  Superman  2.75  (2.5)  2

40.  O.M.A.C.  2.67  (2.5)  3

41.  DC Universe Presents  2.67  (2)  3

=42.  Batman – The Dark Knight  2.5  (3)  2

=42.  Legion Lost  2.5  (3)  3

44.  Voodoo  2.5  (2.5)  2

45.  Men of War  2.5  (1.5)  3

46.  Red Hood and the Outlaws  2.17  (2)  3

=47.  Grifter   2  (2.5)  3

=47.  Hawk and Dove  2 (2.5)  3

=49.  The Fury of Firestorm  (2)  2

=49.  Savage Hawkman  (2)  2

=49.  Green Arrow  2  (2)  3

52.  Legion of Super-Heroes  1.67  (1.5)  3

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I'm a 30-something father, husband, writer, comic collector, general nerd (in order of significance). I'm a newspaper journalist/editor by profession and currently work in professional communications. I'm also a very ill-disciplined novel writer, having tinkered for too long to produce too little.

4 thoughts on “DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 11

  1. Completely forgot to grab Red Hood… or maybe I left that behind on purpose? Can’t recall :p

    Nightwing I felt that a bit stumbling too, and had to pause to think about it. In terms of Batman, I usually hear Batman comic is meant to be more of the action, Detective Comic more of the detective/mystery comic. Still, so far I can’t help but feel Detective Comics has mainly been action, while this new Batman comic is much more into the detective aspect of Batman. Not that Batman being more detective oriented is bad, but to be more detective orient you have to cut on the action a bit like this issue did.

    Birds of Prey I almost wrote a review for… if I wasn’t so busy lately. Mainly, I like the new outlook of Ivy. I never saw her much in the comics before, but I’m familiar through video games and TAS. To me, she is the call from DC to better protect the Earth and not pollute as much. To me, especially with the better awareness that we need to better take care of the planet, it makes sense for her to go more to the good side. Besides, as it was pointed out in the comic, none on that team had perfect pasts, and she wouldn’t be the first by any means to kind of change sides.

  2. Agreed on Batman/Detective. It’s much trickier to pace a story like Snyder is writing than the one Daniel is writing. There’s a greater risk of a slower, exposition-heavy issues. It certainly wasn’t a bad issue and it sets up for some really great things ahead, I think.

    So, Grayson was much older when he started as Robin as most of us would be used to. It’s pretty hard to squeeze Dick, Jason and Tim into less than five years. It just reinforces how problematic the half-assed reboot/relaunch is. I can suspend a lot of disbelief, but this irritates me.

    As for Ivy, I agree with everything you say and it’s not so much that she turned “good” that she didn’t fit my ideal of the character. It’s not a bad thing … in fact, I’m excited to see where it all goes. BoP has been one of the biggest surprises for the New 52 for me (along with Animal Man and Resurrection Man).

    • I dropped Animal Man. Can’t spend as much right now, and the story just wasn’t gripping me.

      In terms of Dick, it seems to paint the picture at least of him becoming Robin either just before, or most likely just after, the formation of the Justice League. Unless that “5 years ago” bit was him making an odd visit back to the circus, but that seems highly unlikely. So I’d guess he use to be what, 10-12 typically when he became Robin, to now being 15 or 16? Either way, the biggest blah is like you said, fitting in the other Robins all into 5 years. At least before this issue I had some thought that there could have at least been Dick before the League started as Robin.

    • It is possible that DIck was only visiting the circus inbetween being Robin and Nightwing. That is the only explanation that could fit. Because otherwise it doesn’t work. However in the issue it did not seem that way. You would think they would have made some reference if that were the case, It is more likely a huge writer mistake. Seriously DC needs to get it’s act together on timeline issues.

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