Review: Legion Lost #3

So another issue of Legion Lost is here, and this one lets us know it is taking place in 2011.  Yes, it clearly states such in the third page and gives me a better feeling for the actual stakes this series holds.


For that matter, they also at least slightly address why no one has taken notice of the events happening in a small Minnesota town in the first page.  I’m not sure who the woman is, but she mentions it was the 2nd red flag the area had and that if another happens they’d be sending a team in.  Still doesn’t explain why the Justice League hasn’t seemingly taken any notice, but it’s still addressing questions I had from the first two issues.  Anyways, last issue I enjoyed for it focused on Wildfire and let me feel like I at least got to know one of the Legion members.  This issue seems to be focusing mostly on Timber Wolf, the guy I still can’t help but think is loosely based of Wolverine.

A bit goes on this issue.  We start off with the Tellus scanning the world for signs of the one that started this all in case he lived.  Wildfire, Tech, and Wolf are inside a small hotel room with him talking about what they want to do.  Wolf of course wants to be outside and hunting the humans changed by the virus.  He even mentions they should ask for help from heroes in this time!  Dawnstar is up in the air searching for the good doctor from last issue and being watched apparently by some government group.  Along the lines, Wolf gets the excuse he needs to go out hunting one of them though and gladly takes off on the trail to Fargo!

More specifically, a Fargo Mall that actually seems designed after the Mall of America in the Twin Cities, MN.  But that’s beyond the point.  We get some action, and so does a news station.  For a group that has been trying to keep their presence in our time unnoticed, well they are kind of failing in many regards.  Not just the government taking notice of them, but now a news network to air it to everyone.  Yep, that will go well for staying under the radar.  This issue ends with an odd twist bringing back Yera (Chameleon Girl) who seemingly died at the end of the first issue.  How exactly that works out, I have no clue.  I just am a bit sad over this for we had five members the last two issues and I felt like I just got to know two of them and was very slowly picking up the other three.  Now I’ll have a sixth to deal with, and I wonder if the strange creature who also died will magically show up too.

That apparent revival aside, I’ve slowly been getting into Legion Lost.  The first issue was a mess, the second issue got better, and this one has mostly only improved.  I say this for Nicieza and Woods are finally really starting to set the stakes by letting us know finally just what time this stuff is happening in.  The last two issues focusing mostly on a specific character was far better than constantly bombarding us with small bits from everyone.  Not to mention at least going a bit into why these events have mostly gone unchecked by some organization is also brought up.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Legion Lost #3

  1. Timber Wolf was created in 1964 and got his distinctive feral look from artist Dave Cockrum in 1973.

    Wolverine debuted in 1974.

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