Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #3 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Sara Pichelli

Colours: Justin Ponsor

Lettering: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: Kaare Andrews


The slow yet enthralling introduction to Miles and his world continues in this issue of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. I have really enjoyed this series so far and this issue does not let me down.

The only downside so far in this series for me has been the cover art, as mentioned in my last review I am not a fan of this ultra-realistic depiction of Spider-Man that Kaare Andrews draws and so again this issues cover is a let-down. I do however like the massive moon behind Spider-Man and the glittering city lights below him. I also think that Spider-Man’s pose on this cover is a slightly uncomfortable one, knowing that he is only 13 years old.

The plot of this issue is as good as the two issues before it. It again deals with Miles not wanting these powers that he has received but knowing that he could do a lot of good with them. We receive our first glimpse of Miles doing a heroic rescue in this issue and it is interesting that he does this in full view of everyone. Evidently at such as early point in his development as a superhero he is not thinking about needing a secret identity, but simply knows he can save those that are trapped and goes and does it. I really liked that in this issue the series has begun to tie into the end of Peter’s time as Spider-Man, right at the end of the issue we are told that there has been a superhero battle on a bridge and that there are unconfirmed reports that Spider-Man has been shot. The shock on Miles’s face when he is told this news is brilliant, it is evidently going to affect him more than those around him because he is considering not using his powers as there already is a Spider-Man, and so with Peter’s death Miles is going to have one less reason not to take up his mantle.

The interior art in this issue was again fantastic; Pichelli continues to draw the world of Miles so uniquely and vividly.  I think that my favourite panel of the entire issue was when Miles was having a nightmare that he was attacked and electrocuted by a villain. The bolts of electric shooting around the panel were amazing.

Ultimately this issue continues the excellent introduction that Bendis and his team are creating and I look forward to issue #4.

Issue Rating: 9/10

One thought on “Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #3 Review

  1. I have to say that despite my antipathy to all things Bendis (“He loves you!”, his overuse of Norman Frickin’ Osborn – Classic Coke version – and the effing Sentry, the way almost everyone seems to speak the same, you perhaps know the drill or er maybe not!) I’ve been enjoying this series so far. However, I think the format is a problem, not that it’s printed as I don’t give a flying fig for digital but rather that each issue seems thin for $3.99. I would rather wait a month and a half for a 64-page $4.99 single issue; baldercrap you say?! Impossible you claim? I don’t think so. I was P.O.ed to discover that Marvel are collecting these issues as a “Must Have” comic book for – yes – $4.99 I believe. Now granted this seems a leetle pointless if they aren’t going to do it with any later issues but that’s Marvel (and DC) all over (and craven too!) yet they must think there’ll be a market for it or they wouldn’t do it. So considering that Bendis is telling the story the way he is I think that the development of a new format (not DC’s ’80s New Format :)) might be a good idea. Everyone is so fixated on digital, digital, digital they don’t consider anything else. Well that’s my idealistic/nutty idea for the day. Some may say Marvel couldn’t afford it but I being cynical thru experience would doubt that! Oh, and my favourite scene in #3 was the nightmare with Electro. Excellent. The characterization’s interesting but me wan’ ACTION and IMAGINATION too. Ha.

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