DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 6

This is where I serve up one sentence reviews of each ongoing title released this week.  They are scored out of five and at the end I have a cumulative leader board (averaging the scores of each title) to show which are consistently excellent, which are on the rise, and which are circling the drain.

I also review limited series, like The Shade and My Greatest Adventure minis, but these are not included in the leader board.

Fair warning, there could be spoilers ahead (although I try to avoid them).

Demon Knights #2
The first issue handled introductions quite well and #2 does a great job of building on that and upping the ante, while good dialogue and plenty of action keep the entertainment factor high – 4


The Shade #1 (of 12)

This opening issue felt like a breath of fresh air, with a protagonist who doesn’t look and sound like every other character, a story that indulges a delightfully ordinary catch up over tea between two extraordinary people, a great introduction of a new character (Von Hammer), and a killer last page – 4


Green Lantern #2
How much you enjoy this issue will come down to how much you like Sinestro … and I’m quite a fan of “Space Hitler” – 4



Batwoman #2

The debut issue set a very high standard and #2 doesn’t quite live up to it, but is still a beautifully drawn, engaging comic, in which a great line from Batman was a highlight … I just wanted more of the Weeping Woman –


Batman and Robin #2

A very solid follow up to an excellent #1, this issue had everything I look for in a comic, although the action was slightly thin … however, little character touches with Batman, Robin and Alfred and more details on the new villain, Nobody, were worth the price of admission – 3.5


Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2
Less overwhelming than the debut issue (but still very meaty), #2 is a lot more enjoyable and achieves a better wacky science to crazy monster-mash ratio, with writer Lemire steering this in a direction I, as a reader, want to go – 3.5


Resurrection Man #2
Not as good as the outstanding debut issue, but this issue progresses the story – and delivers some important background information – without losing too much momentum, keeping you plugged into the adventures of Mitch Shelley – 3.5


Batgirl #2
This issue is like a pretty girl, with a great personality, but who also has really bad acne – there’s a lot to like about it, but then there’s these blemishes that are impossible to ignore … but I’m going to hang in there and hope that it clears up soon – 3


Deathstroke #2
The most remarkable thing about this issue is its fast-paced, almost constant action, so – while it mightn’t be the best story – at least it doesn’t waste any time boring you – 3


Suicide Squad #2
I probably enjoyed this issue more than it really deserves (probably because I especially like Deadshot and Harley Quinn), but it is what it is and, while falling well short of amazing, it ticked a lot of boxes for me – 3


Mister Terrific #2
PHEW … straight up we get a “I’m being mind-controlled” explanation for the WTF end of #1, but unlike the debut issue that was full of dynamic action and adventure, #2 gets bogged down resolving the crisis that capped #1 and never really recovers to build any momentum – 2.5


Grifter #2
Less muddled and jerky than #1, this issue just isn’t particularly remarkable or interesting to me, which is a shame because if they got this character right (more like Sawyer in ‘Lost’), I think I could really enjoy this title – 2.5


Superboy #2
There were glimpses of heart in #1 that drew me into this new vision for Superboy, but #2 didn’t really have any of that, instead it was just a run-of-the-mill comic book yarn that confused me a little in one scene (I had to read it three times) and didn’t really impress me anywhere else – 2


Legion Lost #2
Reading this issue is … such … hard … work, because it feels like a chore to figure out who everyone is and what’s going on (I assume there’s a lot of continuity that has been carried over from pre-New 52) – 2


My Greatest Adventure #1 (of 6)
I had zero expectations going in (having never heard of it) and found myself pleasantly surprised after reading the first story, which focused on Robotman, but unfortunately the two following stories were equal parts confusing and boring – 1.5


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Please note, since a title is only as good as its last issue, the books are ranked firstly by their average score, then their most recent score (shown in brackets), and the number of issues is the final number.

1.  Animal Man  4.5
 (4.5)  2
2.  Swamp Thing  4.25  (4.5)  2
3.  Batwoman  4.25
 (4)  2
=4.  Aquaman  4
=4.  Birds of Prey  4
=4.  Green Lantern Corps  4
=4.  Green Lantern – New Guardians  4
=4.  Justice League Dark  4
=4.  Wonder Woman  4
=10.  Demon Knights  3.75  (4)  2
=10.  Green Lantern  3.75
 (4)  2
=12.  Batman and Robin  3.75
 (3.5)  2
=12.  Resurrection Man  3.75
 (3.5)  2
=14.  Action Comics  3.5  (4)  2
=14.  Batwing  3.5  (4)  2
=16.  Batman  3.5
=16.  Blue Beetle  3.5
=16.  Detective Comics  3.5  (3.5)  2
=16.  I, Vampire  3.5
=16.  Justice League   3.5
=16.  Nightwing  3.5
=16.  Supergirl  3.5
=16.  The Flash  3.5
24.  Static Shock  3.5  (3)  2
25.  Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.  3.25
 (3.5)  2
26.  Batgirl  3.25
 (3)  2
=27.  Blackhawks  3
=27.  Men of War  3  (3)  2
=27.  Suicide Squad  3
 (3)  2
=27.  Superman  3
=27.  Teen Titans  3
32.  Stormwatch  2.75  (3.5)  2
33.  Deathstroke  2.75
 (3)  2
=34.  Justice League International  2.75  (2.5)  2
=34.  Mister Terrific  2.75  (2.5)  2
=34.  O.M.A.C.  2.75  (2.5)  2
37.  Superboy  2.75
 (2)  2
38.  Red Lanterns  2.5  (3)  2
=39.  All Star Western  2.5
=39.  Captain Atom  2.5
=39.  Voodoo  2.5
42.  Legion Lost  2.25
 (2)  2
=43.  Batman – The Dark Knight  2
=43.  Catwoman  2
=43.  DC Universe Presents  2
=43.  Red Hood and the Outlaws  2
=43.  Savage Hawkman  2
=43.  The Fury of Firestorm  2
49.  Green Arrow  2  (1.5)  2
=50.  Grifter   1.75
 (2.5)  2
=50.  Hawk and Dove  1.75  (2.5)  2
52.  Legion of Super Heroes  1.5

About ikeebear

I'm a 30-something father, husband, writer, comic collector, general nerd (in order of significance). I'm a newspaper journalist/editor by profession and currently work in professional communications. I'm also a very ill-disciplined novel writer, having tinkered for too long to produce too little.

6 thoughts on “DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 6

  1. Not bad, but I feel you’re rating Batwoman a lot on just the art. B/R I’d probably bump to a 3 just for I felt it was a step backwards for Damian. Batgirl 2… Freaking loved the description for it XD Oh man I was laughing at it.

    Superboy, I’d toss up to at least 2.5 probably 3 myself. I enjoyed it even if it didn’t touch the first issue (sadly the first issues are easier to wow as they contain much more of a surprise factor). I’m wondering though, what part confused you so much you had to read it 3 times over?

    Legion Lost I actually liked more than the first issue due to how the issue was tackled. First they were sort of jumping around characters with little focus on any (not to mention introducing two that will just die at the end). This one mainly focused on Wildfire. I thought it was kind of a good tactic for they took this issue to mostly introduce us to the one guy and I hope they mostly follow the same approach with a different character next issue. Sure we got little on the others, but at least now I’ll recognize and know a little about one member rather than being confused on everyone.

    • The BW art is great, but #1 was much better than #2. I love the Weeping Widow story line too, which was a bit thin in #2. I do rank my reviews, so you’ll see BW was the lowest of the 4s … very nearly a 3.5.

      I didn’t mind the handling of Damien because I think they are trying to show that he is still struggling with the darkness within. I actually think that’s a realistic portrayal and more interesting than a quicker turnaround in character. I can also imagine that working with Bruce is probably more pressurised than working with the affable Grayson. That’s my take on it.

      As for SB, it was the scene where Red seemingly hulked up and threw him. All but her hand was off panel and I didn’t have the sense that she was behind him … and her clothes seemed to change and not just ripped. And assuming she is Fairchild, in Gen13 she didn’t revert to normal when she wasn’t using her powers. I just struggled with it.

      LL #2 was easier to understanding, but it was still hard work and to me that work wasn’t worth it.

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