Review: Legion Lost #2

Legion Lost #1 failed to wow me mostly due to a lack of really setting the stakes, will this do better?  The basic answer is: yes.

We at least seem to get two basic answers that were left alone last issue.  One being the Legion team only went 77 hours into the future (actually it later is noted their time bubble got destroyed after they only went a few hours into the future) and are still at Red Lake Falls, MN as it starts with a mass memorial service for those who died in the hospital.  The other bit is just what this horrible pathogen does.

So what does it do?  It somehow seems to bring people to life as one of the first doctors killed (who is wearing a Twins baseball cap here) is actually alive… kind of.  Sort of seems as the team chases him off that he’s a rotting corpse on the outside filled with energy of some sort.  Just the job for Wildfire!  Who hints the energy is “familiar” somehow that is now mostly what the good doctor is made out of.

As the team catches up with the doctor, they acutally have a nice meeting and nicely explain to him (and thus us) the events that brought them into the past and even more detail on the pathogen…?  Wait, they just found out earlier what it did and should know exactly as much as we do which really isn’t a lot.  Yet here they seem to have a really good grasp on what exactly the thing does?  I’m confused but to continue… Well the doctor takes everything in very nicely, and some reason quickly decides to accept what he’s becoming causing one giant explosion.  Good thing the Legion team has a really really good shield creator.

Wow, this doctor learns his new powers fast and some reason decides to attack the Legion group who were just there trying to explain nicely to him they were there to help.  We at least get some reasoning though to why the doctor turned as he did… and then he vanishes.  Or rather, disperses into nothing having lost the ability to re-form (I think it safely means he is dead now).

This issue is definitely less confusing than the first and I think a bit more solid.  We got to skip the intros on who everyone is (plus we are two members shorter).  Not only that but this issue clearly focuses on the member Wildfire.  We get a good sense of who he is, at least partly why he is in the containment suit, and a better grasp on his powers.  We do get a little better look at a few other members too, and for me most notable is Timber Wolf at least.  That might be for I was getting a slight Wolverine feeling out of him here.

So yes, this issue is better but still confusing on some things like just how much of this pathogen they know.  For that matter as it alters human DNA to basically give them powers, I’m partially confused still to why it is so detrimental to stop it.  The biggest let down though is this issue still seems to fail in pointing out just what time they are stuck in!  I keep wanting to think they are stuck in “current” day in the DC Universe, but if they are by now the League would have to notice.  A giant explosion in issue one followed by the even bigger one in this issue seems like it would be really hard to keep quiet.  Add in they are going on in a small Minnesota town should really draw attention to the League or some current Superhero.  Not really sure and I hope we’ll find out soon.  Which means yes, this issue of Legion Lost convinced me to give it another try while after #1 I was thinking I’d ditch it here.

Parting note: Detroit Lakes is 76 miles SE from Red Lake Falls.

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