Review: Green Arrow #2

J.T. Krul and team does a little better with this issue.  Only a little better though.


So the story continues on with more of those You Tube villains.  This time in America, but Justin Hartley Ollie takes them out fairly quickly before going off to play some basketball that gets interrupted by out good friend Emerson complaining still that Ollie never shows himself.  So yes, we sadly are getting the same crap as last time.  The stakes step up a bit though as the newest video shows a team of these You Tube villains actually killing someone when all they did before was basically destroy things.  And of course this video at the very end basically calls out Green Arrow to face them.  Which of course he does even knowing it is a trap.  A very blatantly obvious trap.

Ollie fights off the first couple waves before being blasted through a window and thrown up on video for all to see which takes Ollie by surprise.  I’m not exactly sure why he’s surprised that they’d stream their fight with him live, but he is and the issue ends with him being surrounded by 8 different guys.  As I said, this issue is done a bit better than last time.  Mainly being I got a slight feel of dread not during the first fight but the second one and as this issue ends on more of a cliffhanger than the last, it will leave readers at least slightly wondering how Green Arrow will get himself out of this mess in the next issue.  Despite this, the fight sceen does still look a bit awkward and some of the lines just come off as odd still.  Oh, and a tagline too that Black Canary will be joining next issue.

So just a mediocre bit better than last time, but not by much.  Those who don’t know though Krul is leaving after next issue but I think the art team (Dan Jergens and George Perez) is staying the same.  Jergens will actually be moving up to co-writing this with Keith Giffen, but as stated I haven’t read anything myself yet that Jergens won’t be working on art still.  I don’t know really if this will help though for part of why I’ve failed to be taken into Green Arrow is the art.  Sure it looks nice, but the fighting scenes seem to fall a bit in actually relaying the action going on, and I am thinking that part of it at least is the art.  Guess readers who keep up with Green Arrow will find out in a couple of months.

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