Retrospective: Teen Titans vol 3 (part 8)

Time for another Retrospective!  Issues 55-78.  For the few who have kept up with my Retrospective, I’ll be going at these issues a bit differently.  Mostly I’m going to try to go through each arc rather quickly.  This is mostly for the next few arcs I didn’t find that enjoyable.

On the Clock (55-61):  Supergirl leaves due to a fight with Cassie.  M’gann apparently has her future self’s mind stuck in her body.  Eddie is the worse thing here I think though.  He now is suddenly getting upset over Rose even talking to anyone that isn’t him.  Tim and Cassie actually start to date, though Cassie is still having issues about Conner being dead.  Their relationship quickly ends though and a team that was starting to come back together falls apart again under McKeever.  After Eddie becomes a complete idiot (tosses a party) the Tower gets attacked and we find out the Clock King is behind it.  Basic lines behind this arc is Blue Devil is pretty cool, Ravager becomes the hero and kinda leaves, M’gann’s future self apparently is forcing her into prostitution (why oh why?!), and everyone else is butchered to being mostly unenjoyably.  The basic story idea isn’t bad with the Clock King and his group, but McKeever’s writing of most the characters is just horrible.

Changing the Guard (62-69): This arc is pretty good actually, but still not great.  Cyborg returns to help fix the tower and McKeever does a good job with him.  Otherwise a dog is randomly brought into the tower and it is Tim’s turn to be the real moody one instead of Cassie.  I suppose this is reasonable for Tim though as Damian has recently shown up, he just found out Stephanie is alive, and I think this comes into play during R.I.P. where Batman went missing.  M’gann leaves the Titans and the cute dog transforms into a giant beast that eats Marvin and paralyzes Wendy.  Bombshell returns and during fighting her, Zeus has a chat with Cassie about Lycus out to kill her.  To give McKeever credit, I do like the idea that he finally gives Cassie her own powers instead of relying on Zeus or Ares, which she uses to defeat Lycus as the other Titans take down his dog which is what killed Marv.  There is a smaller story after this where Brother Blood returns and mostly is done to take Kid Devil’s powers away.  Robin Leaves and Eddie and Kid Eternity take off to hell to view his contract.  Not to mention M’gann returns with a bunch of people she saved from the Dark Side Club.  In the very end the team is: Aquagirl, Static, Blue Beetle, Cassie, Bombshell, Kid Eternity, and M’gann.  Oh, and a depowered Eddie.

Child’s Play (71-74):  Skipped issue 70 as it ties into the Deathtrap storyline with Wolfman.  Alone it makes no sense.  Anyways, Rose goes back to the tower (and is taking drugs to “help” her precog abilities) and we see the new Titans training.  She soon leaves after making a mess of things.  Miller takes over at issue 72.  72 starts with a Titan funeral and shortly into the issue it should be clear Eddie is the one that died.  I thank Miller for this due to how Eddie acted under McKeever’s reign.  We soon also see what first appears to be Lorena nude.  Either way this story is a lot better than what we’ve gotten a while and I even didn’t mind the characters I’m not a fan of (Kid Eternity, Bombshell, and Aquagirl) in this arc.  The Calculator this time is running things.  He distracts the Titans, kills Eddie (who has a rather heroic death), and all to kidnap Kid Eternity and kill one of their members as he blames them for Marv’s death and Wendy’s condition.

Wyld Thing (75-76): Another writer change to Henderson and back to things dealing with Raven.  She’s being attacked and ends up in Titan’s medical bay.  Gar also reappears to the team and this is why I said I don’t like him.  From here on for a while all he does is complain about Cassie’s leadership, mopes about Raven for one reason or another, and puts everyone at risk acting stupid due to something dealing with Raven.  Either way a new creature called the Wyld is trying to take Raven’s powers but is stopped eventually when Raven wakes back up and causes the Wyld to retreat.  The Wyld will return.

Blackest Night (77-78): This is a kind of neat forced team up of Rose and Slade that takes place during the Blackest Night events.  The writing here is good, but besides that I won’t really get into this due to how it ties into such a large event.  These two issues are handled by J.T. Krul, but after this Henderson takes over again for a while.

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