DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 3

By now you should know the drill … I provide one sentence reviews of each of the New 52 titles.  Each is scored out of five and at the end I’m going to have a cumulative leader board (averaging the scores of each title) to show which are consistently excellent, which are on the rise, and which are circling the drain.

In Part 3, I take a look at the batch of DC comics that became available on 21 September.

There could be spoilers ahead (although I try to avoid them).

Wonder Woman #1
This IS the game-changer for Wonder Woman that a lot of reviewers are saying it is, with heavy mythological overtones, some truly grisly imagery and a very intriguing plot, however,  there was some dialogue that felt a bit clunky (something Azzarello can sometimes be guilty of) – 4


Green Lantern Corps #1
There’s nothing really bad I can say about this issue, except maybe that I’m starting to dislike John Stewart and that for a little while Guy seemingly forgot that Hal wasn’t a GL anymore (why did the Guardians call Guy “2814.2” if there’s no longer a “2814.1”) but this is probably the best GLC issue I’ve read in years, with great characterisation and the set up for a very big story befitting a huge team of space cops – 4


Birds of Prey #1
This wasn’t a title I particularly wanted to read, as I had some experience with the previous incarnation of BoP and wasn’t enthusiastic for this shake-up, but writer Swierczynski and artist Saiz delivered a balls-to-the-wall debut issue that’s so fast-paced that I thought I’d only read about 10 pages when I got to the end – 4


Batman #1
A strong debut for a very promising creative team, my only real beefs were the relative sizes of the characters (Dick is much, much smaller than Bruce and Lincoln March seems a good bit bigger than Bruce … so is March a giant or was Dick a tiny, little Batman) and the inspiring speech by Bruce dragged on a bit – 3.5


Supergirl #1
The story feels very natural (“believable” isn’t quite the right word to describe a SG story, but everything that happens feels like it could happen under these circumstances) and provides a great introduction to the new version of Kara, who is very relatable and likeable, despite elements of her new costume being overtly and unnecessarily sexualised – 3.5


Nightwing #1
During the first year of Nightwing’s first ongoing comic (written by Dixon and drawn by McDaniel) it was nearly my favourite comic … this isn’t as good as that, but it’s close, with all the necessary ingredients for a great series punctuated with an exclamation mark of an ending – 3.5


Blue Beetle #1
The opening issue does a bang-up job of outlining the origin and establishing character, which makes this a true and effective jumping on point (unlike many of the other New 52 book), and offers solid writing and crisp artwork – 3.5


Captain Atom #1
Like Green Arrow a couple of weeks ago, this is just an okay superhero comic, with nothing being overly wrong with it, but nothing really exciting or notable (other than the fact that his powers seemed identical to what I know about Firestorm) either – 2.5


Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
Character is key … something writer Lobdell maybe forgot with this debut issue, in which the action is good and we get a pretty good set up for the title going forward, but the characters of Jason Todd, Roy Harper and Starfire are borderline odious, lacking any real heart or redemptive qualities – 2


Catwoman #1
Characterisation that’s shallow as a puddle and a plot that’s as thin as tissue means you’ll either have to overlook many faults or have a good dose of ADHD to eek out much enjoyment from this issue … unless you dig a lot of forced “sexiness” – 2


DC Universe Presents #1
Very wordy without being eventful, this issue provided a solid origin for Deadman, but was boring because it all felt like nothing you didn’t know or couldn’t have guessed about the character (in terms of DM’s mission to redeem a life of selfishness by helping people in his afterlife) … although I hadn’t realised he was given his mission by a Na’vi – 2


Legion of Superheroes #1
There is just way, way, WAY too much going on in this issue, which – while looking good and at least providing text boxes that introduce most of the characters’ names, code names and powers – makes it a truly awful jumping on point for any new readers who don’t get perverse pleasure from being horribly confused – 1.5


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[Note – I’ve adjusted the scores for Justice League International (from a 3.5 to a 3), Suicide Squad (from a 3.5 to a 3) and Demon Knights (from a 3 to a 3.5).  I did this to ensure that the scores were relative to each other and each of these were kind of on the cusp (I originally thought DK was almost a 3.5).]

=1.  Animal Man  4.5
=1.  Batwoman  4.5
=3.  Batman and Robin  4
=3.  Birds of Prey  4
=3.  Green Lantern Corps  4
=3.  Resurrection Man  4
=3.  Static Shock  4
=3.  Swamp Thing  4
=3.  Wonder Woman  4
=10.  Batgirl  3.5
=10.  Batman  3.5
=10.  Blue Beetle  3.5
=10.  Demon Knights  3.5
=10.  Detective Comics  3.5
=10.  Green Lantern  3.5
=10.  Justice League   3.5
=10.  Nightwing  3.5
=10.  Superboy  3.5
=10.  Supergirl  3.5
=20.  Action Comics  3
=20.  Batwing  3
=20.  Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.  3
=20.  Justice League International  3
=20.  Men of War  3
=20.  Mister Terrific  3
=20.  O.M.A.C.  3
=20.  Suicide Squad  3
=28.  Captain Atom  2.5
=28.  Deathstroke  2.5
=28.  Green Arrow  2.5
=28.  Legion Lost  2.5
=32.  Catwoman  2
=32.  DC Universe Presents  2
=32.  Red Hood and the Outlaws  2
=32.  Red Lanterns  2
=32.  Stormwatch  2
37.  Legion of Super Heroes  1.5
=38.  Grifter   1
=38.  Hawk and Dove  1

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I'm a 30-something father, husband, writer, comic collector, general nerd (in order of significance). I'm a newspaper journalist/editor by profession and currently work in professional communications. I'm also a very ill-disciplined novel writer, having tinkered for too long to produce too little.

6 thoughts on “DC New 52 – One Sentence Reviews, Part 3

  1. GLC – I worked for a company that to punch in we had a 4 digit code to put into the computer. Mine was 0004 and though the person who was 0002 quit that didn’t cause the company to change 0003 to 0002 and me up to 0003. No, they just kept that number free then until we hired someone new and then they got that number to punch in with. Could be something like that then. Or otherwise it may be like social security numbers which originally was made in the U.S. for just military as service identification numbers and even if someone died or got out that number always stayed with them. Even now they don’t reuse social security numbers. Anyways though, it isn’t like their sector numbers are a form of ranking.

    Birds of Prey – I find it a bit funny that a comic staring women gets the description “balls-to-the-wall”

    Batman – I agree the sizes took me off guard. Dick should be around Bruce’s eyes (not below his shoulders) and is why my review stated the Robins looked younger than they should have.

    Also whats a Na’vi?
    [note: you kept Demon Knights as a 3 despite being grouped with the 3.5s]

  2. RE: GLC I don’t think being decommisioned would be any different to dying … it’s not like Hal as the first Lantern for 2814. But that’s just me being nerdly pedantic. Haha.

    RE: Na’vi Surely you’re aware of a little movie called Avatar. 🙂

    Thanks for the DK pick up. Fixed.

  3. As a Deadpool fan, I don’t mind my characters being a bit morally grey, but I think DP has a quality that the characters in RHatO haven’t earned yet. Shrug.

    They certainly weren’t the worst comcis I’ve read though and there’s plenty of room for redemption.

    I’m starting to get excited for Month 2 to see where the creators go from here and if they can either build on good starts or recover from weaker ones!

    • I agree that the prison break scene was a cracker. The issue began quite well … but then it started to lose me because all the characters were acting a bit douchey (I was ready and willing to see Jason in this way, but mourned for Roy being such a flea).

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