Review: Blue Beetle #1

I held off on writing this review for I initially didn’t know what I wanted to say about this first issue and my only prior knowledge of this character was from his run in the Teen Titans, which wasn’t long.  So I guess I’m coming into this one with mostly a new reader perspective…


We begin “Long, long ago” in space sector 2 to basically see a world get torn apart by a scarab or blue beetle.  The being it attached to apparently having been taken over in a rage and only was able to take control after he destroyed his planet and is contacted by The Reach which is sending them all over the universe to apparently do the same to other worlds.  For a short moment, we even get to see a Green Lantern take one of them out, which makes me wonder if that was just to further that The Reach was not a good organization, or if it was meant as a hint that the Green Lantern corps will play a role in an upcoming issue.  Either way, the GL damages one of them before it escapes to Earth crash landing by a Mayan temple.  Later on in the issue we’ll find out that the thing passed from owner to owner and is considered bad luck (but also apparently never attached to anyone to destroy Earth like it was meant to).

Enter current time with Brenda.  A cute red-haired teenager passing out Quinceanera invitations, which apparently her aunt is hosting.  After, that is, we see our “hero” Jaime being smacked in the face by a soccer ball.  We meet a couple other characters in this time, but the only one really worth mentioning is Paco – school drop out that Jaime doesn’t seem to fully like but also seems to be on decent terms with.  Jaime heads home to be forbidden by his parents to go to the party, because supposedly Brenda’s aunt is some really bad person.  Or so people suspect at least.  Does this work?  Would that stop you?  Of course not!  Jaime sneaks out the window and manages to catch a ride with Paco to the party.

On the way there they somehow come across two groups of metas and villains that were fighting over the scarab that Brenda’s aunt wants.  Neither side really seems good in this fight though, and soon one of them attacks Paco after the backpack with the scarab flies into Paco’s car.  For some unbeknown reason, Jaime decides to grab the backpack before running away.  Personally, I don’t get that part for if I found myself in the middle of a small gang war which had some metas, I’d just run and not worry about random things that weren’t mine.  But this was kind of needed to move the story forward.

As Jaime tries to run off, Brutale tries to take the kid down with his knives.  By chance the blade hits the scarab causing it to activate and attach itself to Jaime.  The issue ends almost exactly how it started on that alien home planet, leaving us to at least believe Jaime has no control of the alien device and will start tearing those criminals apart.  Not to mention shortly follow that up with the rest of the world.  We won’t know though until the next issue.

Guara’s art here, like just about every other comic so far in the relaunch, is pretty spectacular.  Tony Bedard’s writing isn’t bad either.  I’m not saying it is great simply for this comic just didn’t come off as amazing to me.  I enjoyed it and will pick up the next issue, but it just didn’t reel me in like Men of War #1 or Wonder Woman #1 did (to name a couple).  As a final side note, this did make me wish I knew Spanish a lot better than what I actually do.

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One thought on “Review: Blue Beetle #1

  1. He grabbed the back pack and ran to get the attention of the villain who was about to kill Paco. It was the only way he could think of to save Paco’s life.

    I thought the book was fantastic, and wasn’t really thinking I would like it. I’ve always been a Ted Kord guy, and this is my first experience with Jaime. I look forward to seeing what happens next (and if Ted Kord is ever mentioned when Jaime becomes the new Blue Beetle for good).

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