Retrospective: Teen Titans vol 3 (part 6)

I’ll be looking at the One Year Later stuff now with issues 34-49.  And I’m going to say now that some of these issues have to be Johns’ worst in this series.

As mentioned, we are coming in a year later now with a pretty cool start but that’s one of the few redeeming things in these issues.  Basically we get to see random memories or recordings of Cyborg’s (he’s been out of commission the past year just sitting in the tower).  Sadly, this paints a picture that the Titans have been pretty much in chaos without him.  When he finally pulls himself to though he goes to the kitchen to find Ravager and Kid Devil.  Cyborg soon takes them down thinking Ravager is still evil until Robin (recently back) comes in and sets things straight.  They soon meet up with Cassie who is being a bitch (and continues to through the entire story arc), Tim nearly gets raped by a naked Rose Wilson, and then Eddie’s chest gets ripped open.  Enter the Doom Patrol.  The Chief claims he can fix Kid Devil and so they all go to Doom Patrol’s HQ.  Kid Devil is saved but it soon is revealed that the Doom Patrol have just as many (if not more) problems as the Teen Titans.  Lots of crap happens, but eventually the bad guys are defeated.  Near the end we find out Tim, like an idiot, has been trying to remake Conner and this leads to him and Cassie kissing.  The end of issue 37 at least is a strong reason why I claim Cyborg is the soul of the Teen Titans.

The next arc really isn’t much better and has the Titans trying to find Raven who apparently is going after a former TT traitor.  First they go to Red Star.  Then they go to Zatara who is a complete ass.  After that they talk to Miss Martian who is cute but odd and finally wind up on a U.S. carrier talking to Bombshell who is pretty… mean.  I really don’t get this part.  First Bombshell says that traitor was Ravager, and though the other Titans don’t generally buy it they send her home.  After that Miss Martian shows up to attack Bombshell for Bombshell is the traitor.  Yet Bombshell claims Miss M is the traitor and the Titans go along with this one.  How dumb can the Titans be?  Especially Robin!  Bombshell soon attacks everyone but Rose came back to help.  Not to mention to save the disc (now a CD and not a floppy) her brother’s soul was on.  Raven uses the CD bring back Jericho with it (who shows up nude; I mean really Johns do you love writing in naked people – mostly underaged teenagers – into your stories?).  In the end, Bombshell is defeated.

Next arc is pretty good actually (42-47) and some of the issues have Beechen as a co-writer.  Starts off with Kid Devil’s origin story and him going from a character I didn’t care for to one that I’ll slowly learn to hate.  Tim and Cassie ask Raven to bring back Conner which she can’t do and they get attacked by Inertia and some bizarro like version of Superboy.  Cyborg meanwhile has M’gann visit Bombshell to try and read her mind but before that happens Risk, Batgirl (Cassandra), Duela, and Enigma attack nearly killing Bombshell.  And at this same time Kid Devil (in a Church) is attacked by Kid Crusader.  This arc is one big fight that takes place in the Titans old east tower that Slade remodeled and near the end Cyborg comes in with the calvary: Nightwing, Flash (Wally), Donna Troy, and Beast Boy.  The very end has an odd cameo with Jason that Tim rather comically kicks in the nuts.

I’ll only briefly touch up on issues 48 and 49 which is actually written by Adam Beechen.  Pretty much this ties in with the Amazons Attack story and if you are like me and never read it, well this will probably confuse you.  It does seem to bring Supergirl onto the Titans team though.

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2 thoughts on “Retrospective: Teen Titans vol 3 (part 6)

  1. Yeah, somewhere in that third arc is when Cassandra’s reason to being evil is listed. And I mainly liked that one just due to the fact it was mostly one giant fight which was a nice change of pace from characters being stupid and arguing.

    And poor Kid Devil, he just never drew my attention that much in his first… 15 issues or so here. And if I recall right he will soon really start complaining/whining about things which despite me understanding why a little bit (his complains on Ravager when she was a giant cock tease to him from the start for example) it got old very quickly.

    • I was actually happy the guy died. >.< But then I'd been happy if he just left the team after losing his powers. Either way after the "Titans of TOmorrow" arc I'll probably just do a quick run over like this again until I hit issue 88 or 89.

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