Review: Catwoman #1


Catwoman #1 is a HOT book!  When interviewed about writing Catwoman, writer Judd Winick usually started sputtering like a horny teenager.  Every other word was “sexy”.  And you know what?  This book is sexy.

Some people are going to look down their noses at it because the sex is so in your face.  And the story is as simple as they come.  But if you enjoy a balls-to-the-wall action story with in-your-face sex appeal (and really, who doesn’t?) this book is for you.

The story opens with Selina Kyle getting dressed in a hurry.  Yes, the first panel is cleavage.  It’s what Guillem March does best.

By page 2, Selina’s home is being stormed by skull-faced goons.  Page 3, she’s diving out a window and buy page 4, the building is blowing up.  That’s how fast the story moves.

As I said, the story is simple.  Selina needs a new place to stay so she looks for work to support her lifestyle.  Some will call it simplistic.  But it’s all in the execution.  Winick’s tongue-in-cheek script is filled with fun narration like “Her name is Lola.  And she actually was a showgirl.”

Barry Manilow reference for the win!

In the blink of an eye, Selina has flown off to Russia, donned a Sydney Bristow red wig and is posing as a bartender to dig up some info on a painting she wants to steal.  But she is sidetracked when she sees someone from her past for whom she is holding a grudge.  Naturally, she decides to seduce the guy before beating the living crap out of him.

As soon as the guy takes the bait, Selina’s claws come out and she tears him up like a cornered cat.  For other characters, I would find this treatment exploitative.  I don’t want to see Wonder Woman or Black Canary portrayed this way.  But for Catwoman, yeah, it works.  Sex and danger are two of the defining characteristics of the character.  Winick and March’s take is just more honest about it.

Speaking of honest, the book ends with what is the most frankly sexual Batman/Catwoman scene I have ever seen in comics.  It rivals fan fiction for heat.  But really, this is what has always been in the subtext of the relationship.  Winick and March are just putting it up front for everyone to see.

This book isn’t going to be for everyone.  But as long as it remains such frenetic fun, I’m on board.

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18 Responses to Review: Catwoman #1

  1. ikeebear says:

    I had a pretty negative response to it, to be honest. The whole issue just seemed super shallow to me.

    I glad you found something to enjoy about it, though.

    • lebeau says:

      No argument it was all flash and no substance. But I thought it was fun all the same. I can’t really defend it on any other level.

  2. Tangentman.... says:

    What I hate about Judd Winnicks ‘work’ is how he shoehorns homosexual characters into every comic he works on. This of course started with his book ‘Pedro and Me’. the greatest work of fiction for many a year.
    When they were on ‘Real World’ back in the 90s, Winnick didnt have any time or patience for gay, HIV-positive Pedro, even suggesting separate cups and plates for him and th eother housemates in case they caught something. He even attempted to have him thrown out of the house until he realized he came across badly.
    And in the house Winnick ‘helped himself’ [his words] to another housemates girlfriend…nice man youve got there.
    When Pedro sadly passed away, Winnick reinvented hinself as his best friend, bringing out that disgraceful book.
    Im really surprised at the amount of sex in this Catwoman book, though we have one saving grace…no compulsory gay characters forced at us.
    At least that counts for something.

    • ikeebear says:

      You didn’t get a lesbian vibe off the fence character (can’t remember her name off-the-top)?

      • lebeau says:

        Lesbian or trannie. I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Lola beyond the fact that she was a showgirl. In assume she had lots of features in her hair and a dress cut down to there.

        Sorry, it’s hard to stop once you get Copacabana stuck in your head.

    • lebeau says:

      Did you even watch the Real World 3? Cause that’s not remotely what happened. I think you may be confusing Judd with Pedro’s arch rival and disgusting human being, Puck.

      Judd and Pedro were friends throught. Judd defended Pedro against Puck and helped to have Puck thrown out of the house. I don’t know where you came up with any of this, but it’s completely inaccruate.

    • lebeau says:

      When I first saw March on Gotham Sirens, I hated his overtly cheesecake style. But over the course of that book, I came to accept it. I like to think he toned it down a little. But I’m not sure that’s true. I suspect a lot of my warming to his style came from Dini making the book so much fun. Either way, I was won over.

      So when I saw March on this book and read the interviews with Winick, I knew what to expect. Otherwise, I probably would have gagged at all the unnecessary T&A like I did when I read Gotham Sirens #1. So I understand why fans are up in arms about the book. And the last page does seem a little awkward, But on the whole, the art was nice. It just takes a certain tolerance of pin-up to appreciate it.

  3. xxadverbxx says:

    I’m starting to wonder… just what is Catwoman holding on the cover? I mean that blue thing that looks kind of like a condom with white dripping out of it…

  4. V says:

    Hooooly schnikes and the rating is Teen hahaha more like 26teen

    • lebeau says:

      I dunno. Don’t most video games feature content that is about on par with this?

      • xxadverbxx says:

        Titanic was PG-13 and contained Kate Winslet nude. At least at the time I thought that was pretty “WOW” being a young teenage boy to see nudity in a PG 13 movie. Now though there is sex all over the place on TV and in video games. God of War is a series I can think of off hand that has sex in it and topless women. Though you don’t outright see the sex you can hear it going on, but the games are also rated M I think (17 and up).

      • lebeau says:

        When I was a kid, you could see nudity in a PG movie! God bless you Adrienne Barbeau and Tanya Roberts!

  5. itsjosiahdavid says:

    Yeah I like how you point out the end of the book is true to the characters, Bats and Catwoman having sex, this time time just put out honestly for everyone to see. It’s always been implied and touched on but I can agree it seemed honest. Idk if it’s ever really happened like this in a ‘Batman’ book but it seems right in Catwoman’s book.

    • lebeau says:

      You raise a good point. This is from Catwoman’s point of view. So it seems like a more natural fit. When we see things from Bruce’s point of view, it’s more likely to be edited.

      • xxadverbxx says:

        Thing’s from Bruce’s view is kind of all over the place too. I mean in the relaunch already we have one comic that seems to be putting Bruce with one woman, another that seems to be playing more the playboy aspect of him, and two more that so far have shown more of a single guy outlook without any sort of hints at his dating life.

      • lebeau says:

        Yeah, that’s a little inconsistent. But, that’s always been the case with Bruce. What I’m getting at is it would feel weird to see an explicit sex scene with Catwoman in a story that was told from Bruce’s point of view. But coming from Selena’s point of view, it seems acceptable.

        I’ve always assumed Bruce was having sex with loads of women just to maintain his image. But it’s always hinted at and rarely expressly shown.

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