What’s New in the DCU – 09/21

It’s Tuesday.  The day before new books hit the shelves.  Let’s look at what’s in store for the new DCU:

Batman #1 – Once again, we start off with a Batbook which means there’s no dramatic changes here.  If you liked Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics (and who didn’t?), odds are you’ll enjoy his take on Batman.  I have no strong feelings on Greg Capullo’s art one way or another.

Level of Anticipation – 7 out of 10

Birds of Prey #1 – Longtime readers know I love the Birds of Prey.  I picked up the first one-shot by Chuck Dixon and have been with the Birds ever since.  However, outside of Dixon and Gail Simone, no one has ever done right by the team. 

I’m more than willing to give the new creative team a chance to sell me on their new version of the Birds of Prey.  Honestly, it doesn’t take much.  Just be respectful of the characters and try for something slightly innovative.  Hopefully, this will be on par with Simone and Dixon and not another wash-out.

Level of Anticipation – 6.5 out of 10

Blue Beetle #1 – I’m in the opposite situation with regards to Blue Beetle.  I like Jaime, but I was something of a late adapter.  I didn’t really come around until the last days of his series.  But I have enjoyed what I have seen of him.  And Bedard is a capable writer.  I fully expect to enjoy this book.

Level of Anticipation – 6.5 out of 10

Captain Atom #1 – Captain Atom got screwed in the old DCU.  After all that Monarch stuff, he was toxic.  And Countdown practically crippled the character.  He got a rehab in Action Comics which served well enough.  But it was hard to imagine him ever having his own on-going series.

I’ve always pulled for Captain Atom to, well, stop sucking.  So I would love to see this series hit.  The problem is, I’ve lost all faith in JT Krul.  I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but his Green Arrow has been relentlessly mediocre.  On the upside, Freddie Williams III guarantees the book will look good.

Level of Anticipation – 5 out of 10

Catwoman #1 – If you’ve seen any interviews with Judd Winick about Catwoman, he just starts foaming at the mouth and saying “sexy” over and over again.  But I’m okay with that.  Catwoman is a hot chick in skin tight leather with a whip.  Her sex appeal is a defining characteristic.

If Winick’s writing is going to be as trashy/sexy as he says, then Guillem March is the perfect artist for this book.  At first, I loathed his cheesecake style on Gotham Sirens.  But by the time he left the book, I came to appreciate his work and even miss him. 

Between you and me and the 22 other people who subscribe to this site, Catwoman probably won’t be a book I’m proud to read.  But it could be a fun book all the same.

Level of Anticipation – 6 out of 10

DC Universe Presents #1 – It’s hard for me to get too worked up over an anthology.  I’d love to see one work.  I really would.  But I’m too jaded.  I’ve seen so many anthology books fail.  I like Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang okay, but neither of them is a real selling point.  And I feel pretty ambivalent about Deadman as well.  I’ll split the difference and give this book a…

Level of Anticipation – 5 out of 10

Green Lantern Corps #1 – That sure is a beautiful cover!  And I’m glad to see John Stewart finally getting some love.  I have mostly enjoyed Tomasi’s work on Green Lantern Corps.  And a showcase for Guy and John appeals to me a great deal.  I just hope the book can put the silliness of the War of the Green Lanterns behind it.  I don’t want to read about John blowing up Mogo any more.  Whoever came up with that idea needs a punch in the face.

Level of Anticipation – 6.5 out of 10

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 – Much like anthologies, I have read more than my share of Legion reboots.  Last week’s Legion Lost #1 was kind of a dog.  So, I’m hopeful this will be better.  But Legion feels like eating my vegetables.  Even with Paul Levitz writing, I can’t get too excited about this.

Level of Anticipation – 4 out of 10

Nightwing #1 – It’s a shame to see Dick Grayson “demoted”.  It’s even a bigger shame to see his color scheme changed to red for no good reason I can think of.  But, what are you gonna do?

Much like the Birds of Prey, no one has really gotten Dick’s solo book right since Chuck Dixon way back in the day.  I’m not familiar with Kyle Higgins, but I hope he’s the man for the job.  And Eddy Barrows is a decent artist.

Level of Anticipation – 6 out of 10. 

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 – When this book was announced, I wasn’t interested.  But now, I kind of can’t wait.  Yeah, it might be a train wreck.  The new DCU has had some misses, but no real train wrecks yet.  This could be it.

But, Scott Lobdell impressed me last week with Superboy #1.  And I know from looking at the site history that a lot of our readers are big Starfire fans.  My expectations aren’t high, but my level of anticipation is going up.

Level of Anticipation – 6 out of 10

Supergirl #1 – Okay, the boots are a little weird.  So is the collar.  But a part of me likes this look more than the Michael Turner redesign.  The Super-family books have been pretty good so far.  And the art by Mahmud Asrar looks promising enough.  This has got to be better than a lot of the Supergirl stories published with the Loeb/Turner version of the character.

Level of Anticipation – 6 of 10.

Wonder Woman #1 – I would love to see Wonder Woman kick ass.  And I mean that in every sense of the word.  I want this book to rock.  I want Wonder Woman to finally find her place in the DC trinity.  Basically, I have high hopes for this book.

Azzarello is an odd choice for Wonder Woman.  But I have liked what I have read in interviews with him.  I’m ready to see his fresh, horror-tinged take on the iconic character.  And I am a big fan of Cliff Chiang.  So, this is pretty much the book of the week for me.

Level of Anticipation – 8 of 10

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3 Responses to What’s New in the DCU – 09/21

  1. xxadverbxx says:

    I have some faith in Tomasi from Batman and Robin #1 and at least with how he closed up Nightwing’s first series. A lot of people really did rip apart Grayson a great deal in it. And speaking of Grayson, I’m partially happy to see him not be Batman again. I stated before that first, I didn’t like the idea of Batman inc. I could handle Bruce and Dick both in the role, but adding in 20+ different Batmans around the globe took away a lot of meaning to me of Dick being Batman. Not to mention, though Dick handled it very well being Batman, it wasn’t his own. Nightwing was and as Nightwing (though it took a while) he was I thought seen as a hero in his own right, not a hero because he was linked to Bruce.

    And Krul at least I again have some faith in from his run in the Titans. Nothing too spectacular, but still good.

    • lebeau says:

      If they do a good job with Dick as Nightwing, I won’t mind the return to the status quo. It was always going to happen eventually.

      I never did more than glance at Krul’s Titans. It looked okay. But I was so burned out on the Titans, I needed home run to pull me back in. I’ve never seen Krul be anything more than okay.

      I’m lukewarm on Tomasi. I think he’ll do an okay job on GLC. He has in the past. My main reservation on that book is related to War of the Green Lanterns and how they had John Stewart blow up another planet. That is the opposite of what John needed. Hopefully Tomasi moves on.

  2. xxadverbxx says:

    Well Krul was writing TT when Damian came over, and I did enjoy how he dealt with that (not fully sure if that was his idea or not though). Pretty much though all he got to do was bring in Damian and then had enough time really for one arc which he brought in a new character. And I have to admit I partially feel that Solstace was done because the relaunch was known and it wasn’t detrimental then. The new character could be a total flop with fans and it didn’t matter so there was no real stakes at her introduction.

    His TT run with Damian was good and a nice break from what had become Titans status quo (ie: mostly Raven or Deathstroke based stories), but generally he didn’t have much time to show me his real (un)worth in the series.

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