Retrospective: Teen Titans vol 3 (part 5)

So another Retrospective dealing with issues 29-33, TT Annual 1, Robin 146-147, and Infinite Crisis 5 and 6.

For anyone keeping count, I did skip 27 and 28.  This is a two part story arc dealing with Kestrel going after Raven written by the capable Simone but with art by Liefeld.  I’m mostly skipping this though as issue 28 is the only one I’m missing.

We start this issue off with Cassie knowing Zeus is her dad but more importantly, Jason is dressed as Robin taking out the Titans mostly to prove he’s better than Tim.  After Tim is found, we find Raven express concern about all those who have recently come back to life, see a glimpse at a future member Eddie, and Sebastian comes back to go after Raven.  Again.  Pretty much though the dead start to rise in L.A.  Sebastian seems to be raising them in brings back some old Titan members to fight the current Teen Titans.  Raven and Beast Boy (after having a moment in the midst of battle) go to the other world to find the problem, which happens to be Kid Eternity tied up in the door.  They free him, close the door, then Kid Eternity takes care of everything like it was nothing.

Meanwhile at the farm, Conner has been hiding from the Titans basically feeling worthless of himself it seems since Luthor took control of him.  That is until Superboy Prime appears to try and take Conner’s place.  Conner at least was smart enough to call for help which brings not just the Titans, but the Doom Patrol, Justice Society, and some others.  The fight soon is halted by Speedy sending Prime to the Phantom Zone (an arrow Roy gave her which he stole from Superman’s fortress), but Prime ends up breaking out while memories seem to change for some people.  This is pretty neat fight that is finally ended by the Flashes taking Prime out of time and leaving Superboy dying.  Supposedly from overuse of his powers, but that seems a little odd for Superboy barely did anything in that fight.

Either way, the world is going into chaos and the Teen Titans have to find a cure for Superboy – and there is a cure.  We see something that is rare in the Titans here, and that is Robin actually acting as a detective.  Pretty much though he figures out where a cure is located, and the Titans go to find his cure.  This causes them to sneak past some obstacles, and smash through others including a Brainiac failed bioconstruct monster.  In the long run though, they get the cure and make it back to save Conner.  With Conner safe, we soon find out that Luthor was feeding most the information to Robin to save Conner.

While Conner continues to rest, Cassie stays with him due to her powers fluctuating during the Crisis.  Meanwhile most the world is in Chaos and the Titans actually take charge of Bludhaven.  What do Conner and Cassie do during all of this?  They go to Smallville, get naked, and I think you guys can take it from there.  The morning after is kind of fun watching the awkwardness with the Kents, and the odd calm of Smallville seems nice actually during the chaos of the Crisis.  A good break, even if it does feel a little odd parts of the world can be so calm like that.

Eventually Conner takes off to help again, and going to the Tower he finds only Nightwing there who was apparently hoping to gather some troops.  Not caring to wait though and with communications down, Nightwing and Superboy head off on a pretty great team up.  I really love this team up for we get to see Superboy’s thoughts on Nightwing and in general the Robins.  His sense of amazement that while he is super-human, Nightwing is only human yet still aspires Superboy and even makes Conner wonder how someone with no powers at all can keep going like he does.  We also see some similarities between the two and I kind of wish a Nightwing/Superboy team up happened more often.

The team finally make it to where they are heading, and are met up with Cassie who had basically sold herself to Ares to continue fighting.  The three begin the assault and soon get help from others.  In the end though it is Superboy who finally defeats Superboy-Prime and saves the day at the cost of his life.  To me, this is Superboy’s defining moment and a wonderful story.

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I'm a fan of comics. I use to love DC, but events pretty much starting with the New 52 had pushed me off of them for years. Lately though titles like Gotham Academy and We Are Robin have brought me back to them. I'm much more still a Marvel fan though at this moment who I moved to since New 52 slowly kept pushing me away from DC. Often a fan of X-Men titles while I've really been loving Spider-Gwen series. Film wise I'm upset at DC though I really really want them to do good. At least their TV series are mostly enjoyable (though Arrow has dipped in quality), while I'm a huge fan of the Marvel films. Also, I still really hate Dan Didio and still view him as at least most of what has been going wrong with DC comic wise lately.

One thought on “Retrospective: Teen Titans vol 3 (part 5)

  1. Didio, if you are reading this: F- YOU!

    I know quite a few people (which even includes myself) that didn’t actually start collecting single issues until Battle for the Cowl or shortly after when Dick became Batman.

    Some Titan stories though I think can be chocked up to us never seeing really finished for Johns left and after him no one held onto the series for too long.Anywho, my nap went a lot longer than I wanted. Time to go get new comics!

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