Marvel Adventures Super Heroes 4

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes 4

Okay, so this isn’t really a super recent comic, in fact it’s over a year old. Still, it would seem an odd choice anyway, right? I mean, an all ages Marvel Adventures comic? Why would I review that? Well, if and when I have kids, I can give them this to introduce them to…oh come on, it’s a review from Pi, who do you think it’s going to be about?

One blog I read is the all Deadpool all the time Deadpool Bugle, which covers everything going on in the world of Deadpool, from each comic he’s in to what’s going on with him in video games or on TV shows and all the merchandise you can get with him on it. One of the posts that interested me was this one here. For those of you who don’t feel like clicking on the link, that’s fine. I’ll explain. Basically, in an all ages Marvel Adventure Super Heroes issue, Deadpool was supposed to be there. It seems pretty weird, right? I mean, an all ages Deadpool? What the heck could they do? But, since I love Deadpool, and this was when I had more income to spend on comics, I went out and picked up a copy of the comic (along with other Deadpool stuff that day and whatever else I liked). Guess what? It’s not all that bad.

Okay, first things first, I understand that it’s a kid comic, but I still find it silly that they didn’t say his name in the comic. Just like what I did before the break, they start talking about him, but before they say his name, either someone cuts them off, or they get distracted and switch topics. I realize it is like how the Teen Titans TV show was for kids, so they just called Deathstroke by his real name, and never mentioned Deathstroke (because it has death in the name), or how the vampires in Spider-Man sucked plasma using mouths on their hands, not drinking blood by biting necks. They avoid the subject of death, or gory subjects when it’s something for kids. Heck, they change Kraven the Hunter (boo, hunting is bad) to Kraven the Bounty Hunter (wait, what?). Still, I can understand avoiding topics like death, but not characters’ names. Most kids, I would think, would just hear the name and think nothing of it. They would just think it’s a name. Oh well, what can you do?

Beyond that, though, the tone is still very light. Deadpool doesn’t use any guns or swords (although he still has two on his back), and is mostly fleeing from Kraven and the Avengers. What’s best is that the characters are still pretty much the same as any Marvel comic. While the Avengers consist of Cap, Nova, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, the Vision, Iron Man and Thor (a strange Avengers lineup with Nova and Invisible Woman), it still feels like the Avengers and the characters feel right. Nova is pre-Annihilation Nova, so he is much lighter and is sillier, but that’s how he was. Cap is still a leader who’s trying to protect people. Black Widow is still pretty cold and serious, but does the right thing, etc. Deadpool still acts like Deadpool, if he were without weapons and being attacked by the Avengers. Best line? After chucking pretzels from a street vendor’s cart at Nova, Nova charges him, asking if he’s crazy. Deadpool’s response? “Crazy? Me? Why, no, I’m a business owner who employs some very nice people. Here…meet my staff!” Then he proceeds to his Nova with a staff. Despite not being able to be as violent or bloody, he still can have those crazy one-liners everybody loves and be himself.

All in all, it’s a pretty fun story, with some silliness and some parts where you would probably love to know the past issues, like why Cap and Invisible Woman have feelings for each other or why Nova’s an Avenger or who Carolina Pissarro is and why Vision is into her. But, that’s fine. It holds up well as an issue that I can introduce a character like Deadpool (or even Nova if I want to show Annihilation and how much he matures over the course of the war) to a kid without having to show violent Deadpool or bloody Deadpool, but just a simple Deadpool that is able to make jokes, be silly and prove himself a threat big enough that they need all the Avengers just to stop him (seriously, they call in the entire team except for Thor who’s too far away fighting giant monsters).

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