Review: Superboy #1


For any of those who haven’t read my first Teen Titans Retrospect or my thoughts why the relaunch wasn’t needed, well I will start off by stating that this issue only seems to have confirmed my fears that at least the 2003-2011 Teen Titans team (volume 3) is having their entire history erased.  Despite that, I at least found reading an origin story for Superboy (as my Superboy knowledge to date mostly stems from DC Wikia and Teen Titans) to be entertaining.

We begin with Superboy in a tube, and though he has appeared to show no brain activity to those studying him, it soon is explained through Superboy’s thoughts that he thinks with every cell of his being and not just his brain.  We also get a very detailed description of just how long N.O.W.H.E.R.E. has been studying him and despite them not knowing, that Superboy has been studying them too.  Two scientists are talking with a lot of technical jargon that I think we aren’t meant to understand in the first place that gives us two main facts.  The red haired female (who apparently is called Red) is the only one who views Superboy as more than just an object, and the second is that they view the experiment a failure and are about to terminate.  So while Red is conveniently kicked out of the room to watch from a window as they try to destroy Superboy, well he of course fights back destroying all of them.  Including the main scientist who dies just before telling Red who the human genes for Superboy came from.

Being free, Superboy feels a bit overwhelmed by the sudden exposure to air and passes out so we can be moved to one month later in some small Kansas city where Superboy was relocated to (and no, it is not Smallville).  We see him in school as just the “new kid” and find out he’s extremely smart even though Superboy himself has no clue why he knows what he does.  Interestingly enough too, Rose Wilson shows up like you’ve never seen her before!  Seriously, picture her wearing a long skirt in a rather bland school uniform (not to mention no eye patch needed) and flirts with Superboy to walk her home.  In a rather comical scene on their way home, both Rose and Superboy completely ignore a woman screaming for help out a burning window.  He then goes home on a farm with two very nice sweet adoptive parents.

So Superboy isn’t really free like it seems though.  Ends up Red has him in a virtual reality device that mostly brings things up that is hidden in his DNA’s memories.  As they no longer know who the human half is from, it brings to question to Red why Superboy is putting himself in a small Kansas farming community and what side of his DNA that is coming from.  Considering what Superman is for though, she does ask who the human half is considering he completely ignored the burning woman claiming that whoever it is must be “a deeply pathological, megalomaniacal narcissist.”  We also find out though that despite apparently playing along with it, Superboy knows it is fake.  On a plus, we also get to learn that Rose is there to kill Superboy in case it ever is needed, and that she isn’t happy at all with the fact that they programmed her into the simulation as such a nice sweet girl.  I’m guessing it mainly was done so if he does break free, he’d possibly trust Rose to give her the chance to kill him.

I am of course skipping points, but the issue ends basically in a way that means Superboy will get to go free and that seems to be leading towards him joining the Teen Titans that comes out in two weeks.  As an origin story (and at least from one who never actually read his original origin story) this is a very good issue.  It mostly lacks action, and there was a few awkwardly written lines, yet the entire comic held my interest all the way through, and more so makes me want to know what will happen next.

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I'm a fan of comics. I use to love DC, but events pretty much starting with the New 52 had pushed me off of them for years. Lately though titles like Gotham Academy and We Are Robin have brought me back to them. I'm much more still a Marvel fan though at this moment who I moved to since New 52 slowly kept pushing me away from DC. Often a fan of X-Men titles while I've really been loving Spider-Gwen series. Film wise I'm upset at DC though I really really want them to do good. At least their TV series are mostly enjoyable (though Arrow has dipped in quality), while I'm a huge fan of the Marvel films. Also, I still really hate Dan Didio and still view him as at least most of what has been going wrong with DC comic wise lately.

5 thoughts on “Review: Superboy #1

  1. McKeever… trying to think what issues he did for Teen Titans. I guess I’ll come across it soon if i can continue with my Retrospective. I am hoping to finish it before the 28th.

    I seriously had a “WTF” moment though seeing the girl introduce herself as Rose. I am happy to see her still around though.

    And was Red ever named then for I don’t recall it. I do remember thinking her outfit reminded me a little of Shion from Xenosaga.

  2. I enjoyed it even though it had its flaws. I like the bait and switch in it because I was actually getting a little angry about where things were headed before it was revealed as VR. Well played, Mr Lobdell.

  3. So his Superman side focuses on at least family versus power. Lex Luthor side is apathetic to the woes of other’s lives. Interesting… where does the heroism come in? INteresting indeed.

    • So far? Out of issues 1 and 2 we really haven’t seen much in regards to a “Superhero” side. Second issue he goes on a mission to be a “hero” which he knows isn’t really true; he just plays along though so he can get his ticket out of NOWHERE.

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