Review: OMAC #1

Admit it.  You say Dan DiDio’s name on this book and just assumed it was going to suck.  Well, don’t you feel stupid now? 

Well, maybe not.  But when the announcements were made, OMAC stood out to me as one of the losers of the pack.  It’s a concept I’ve never really been interested in.  In fact, while I respect Jack Kirby, I’ve never really been a fan of any of his DC concepts.  (I know, blasphemy.)  And of course there was DiDio whose work as a writer has proven that the only person who would hire him to write a book is Dan DiDio.

But guess what?  OMAC #1 is pretty awesome.  It’s big and dumb in the best possible way.  Keith Giffen is just straight-up doing Jack Kirby here.  And if you’ve ever wondered why the King is considered a legend, I think Giffen’s tribute work here explains it.  This stuff is crackling with energy.  The cosmic stuff feels positively epic.  It has actually made me curious to go back and read some of Kirby’s original stuff.

The story is pretty thin.  But it moves!  It’s basically a big action sequence.  The book reads like a Kirby Hulk book with OMAC smashing his way through Cadmus.  There’s lots of big ideas being set up here that will no doubt be explored in the future.  But there’s so much action, it never feels like exposition.

Of the books I have read so far, OMAC was the biggest surprise by far.  Granted, my expectations were extremely low.  But the book put a big smile on my face.  I had fun reading every panel.  I am seriously looking forward to the next issue.  But I do kind of feel stupid.  Oh well, I’ll get over it.

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13 Responses to Review: OMAC #1

  1. xxadverbxx says:

    1) Is there a way to stop those “replies” when we link to other articles? Kinda getting annoying…

    2) Love the start, and though your review makes me actually interested in reading it, it also makes me wonder just how well the future story (if any) will actually be. Didio knows soaps and I’d assume he knows old style action films with very little actual story behind it, even if they promised a lot at the start.

    • lebeau says:

      Yeah, we can turn off the pingbacks. I leave them on because they let me know if someone has linked to us. Also, they provide a link to someone else’s site if they should link to us which is kind of encouragement for them to do so. I usually just go in and delete our own pingbacks when they happen. But yes, it’s annoying. I have considered just turning them off.

      I won’t venture a guess on what the future holds for OMAC. I get the impression that Giffen is doing a lot of the heavy lifting here, All I care about is that the book retains its energy and sense of fun.

  2. ikeebear says:

    It was certainly better than I expected it to be. Entertaining and sets up an interesting story going forward.

  3. Robert Mansperger says:

    This book was one of the books I was looking forward to the most with the relaunch – primarily for the artwork by Keith Giffen. I loved the original O.M.A.C. by Jack Kirby and little did I know that Dan DiDio would be channeling Kirby as well as Giffen. The story reads much like the original series with the thin story and over-the-top action.

    The book did not disappoint. Cannot wait for issue 2.

  4. xxadverbxx says:

    Finally got to reading this (though my reading Animal Man will have to wait as it was sold out). I would have to say I generally did not like this. The story concept is great, but the writing and art behind it I just didn’t like. Both felt like they belong maybe in the early 90s or maybe even before that.

    The narration almost made me feel like I was an idiot for how it so blatantly put things. I mean did it really have to state “in an unimaginable display of raw strength…” when we get a full two page panel of him ripping out a giant power cord that appears to be at least 8ft in diameter? The characters (besides the blue voice giving OMAC his instructions) also seem subpar to me. The one woman going up and trying to act at first like she was flirting with OMAC, and OMAC just waited and let her? Dubbilex being allowed 5 panels (two pages nearly) to just talk nonchalantly about himself and then OMAC while it was made rather clear earlier that OMAC was generally a thing that was just bashing through everything had stopped and allowed that? Maybe worse of all was the Gobblers that made me feel the main bad guy in this issue was relying on freaking mutated turkeys to protect him! Art also generally feels like it isn’t from this time and the often slightly off proportions of people’s bodies just hit me wrong. In a final note, finding out who OMAC was at the end was by no means a surprise.

    So yeah, I do love the concept and idea behind OMAC, but everything else just failed in my book. Perhaps this is mostly my age talking though.

    • lebeau says:

      Yeah, this isn’t 90’s. It’s definitely before that. This is old school Jack “The King” Kirby. You should read the captions on those old books!

      It’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes. But I don’t think there’s another book on the shelves that delivers the old school comic book experience as purely as OMAC. And for that, I loved it.

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