Review: Flashpoint #3

After Flashpoint #2, I was legitimately concerned for the series.  The last issue was scattered and uneven, trying to do a bunch of different things and failing at just about every single one of them.  The book was torn between being a big action book and a big ideas book, and it was failing at both.  Flashpoint #3, however, brings us right back on track, telling a clear, focused adventure story.  Spoilers below…

After a brief scene between Cyborg and the President on the book’s opening page, the entirety of this issue deals with a single storyline: the Flash and Batman trying to recreate the Justice League in this fallen world.  Undoing the interesting, ballsy cliffhanger from last month almost immediately (to the surprise of no one at all), the Flash is quickly repowered – though not fully so, of course.  He teams up with Batman and Cyborg to go rescue Superman from a government lab.  It’s a simple story with a simple narrative line, but even that’s a relief at this point.

The art team of Kubert and Hope continues to turn in serviceable work with a few iffy touches.  The Flash symbol appearing bright in Barry’s eyes when he regains his powers is irredeemably corny, but the design and execution of Goth Superman works very well.  Like the rest of the issue, the art is stronger here than it was last month.  Flashpoint #3 is mindless, silly summer action, enjoyable but not memorable. Sadly, that seems to be the most we can hope for here.

Grade: B-

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