Review: American Vampire #15

Ahh, here we go. It may’ve taken 42 pages to get to, but this is the fillet mignon right here. Scott Snyder plays the balancing act of servicing Henry, Pearl, and Skinner’s characters, forwarding the plot, establishing his vampiric mythology, ass-kicking, terror, and a cliffhanger to get you coming back. He does a pretty good job with all of them. The continuation of Henry’s narration is a oddly sparse, and taking a breather with Pearl for 3 pages feels a tad out of place, but it feels necessary. I was absolutely thrilled to see more of Snyder’s world-building unfold, especially since it comes with a pretty neat twist.

Rafael Albuquerque gets to cut loose with some disemboweling action, which suits his scratchy style perfectly. He is, however, continuing his washiest inking yet, which really just makes the whole comic gorgeous, especially with Dave McCaig’s vibrant colors aiding him. The two achieve a glorious gut-spilling beauty. I mentioned earlier about seeing a bit of hand-lettering from Rafa, and it appears he’s doing it again in this issue. Besides seeing a terrific looking “SLAM”, it whets the appetite for more of this talented Brazilian’s experimentation.

I’m still not sure if we’re seeing the high concept of “American Vampire meets WWII” fully exploited yet, but we’ve still got the Sean Murphy mini to look forward to. Regardless, you couldn’t ask for much better vampire comics. This issue is definitely a highpoint of the series.

Grade: A-

-Bruce Castle

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